Rome Daily

Not again.. the church and our government are clashing. As most of you know the church is always trying to interfere with how we run but our government believes they should have more power. Do you believe our government, who creates laws and enforces them, or the church who tries to interfere with our daily lives and our government?

Lets start with why our government should have to power. Our government is the base of our empire and one of the only things holding us together. They create the laws and try to keep us safe. Our government should have the authority over the church due to the increased importance. Without our government, where would we be? Our government deserves the authority!

Now let's go to the opposing view of things; why the church should have the authority over the government. The church can be a unifying force, yet at the same time, it can tear our great empire to ruins. The church is trying to impose their rules over our governments authorities which is making much controversy. Many people let the church interfere and it could be thee ruin of us. Now I will let you, the people, decide which you believe should have the authority. Write a letter and drop it off in the market so we can see your view on it!

Athens Comes Out On Top

Our Athenian military came out on top over Carthage just this past week. They managed to hold off Carthage. It was a long and hard fought war that led to many casualties but our persistence showed how powerful we really are.

Carthage tried to overtake our lands that we believe we deserve, therefore we had to fight. They stood no chance against our new and improved Navy. Carthage gave us two low blows in the last wars and now we have fought back with new military techniques. Our great military needs your help to keep this great empire alive so come out and rally with us!

Downtown Market

Help wanted in our downtown market. We need you to help sell and set up things in our store! Anyone welcome just stop by and talk to Jim, the head manager. Ask him that you are looking for a job or just to volunteer!