Your local aquatic creatures By Haley rae & Mary ellen

Crustaceans in the waters

One is not just simply a crustacean! To be a Crustacean you have a exoskeleton made of calcium which makes them different then the rest of the arthopods. They dont have a internal skeleton. They are bilateral animals and warm blooded. They normally feed of off scraps and other dead animals which makes them omnivores. Since their claws can get up to be very big they also use them to kill their prey when they do eat live animals. Some examples of more commonly know crustaceans are shrimp, lobsters, and crabs. (As shown in the picture is a crab , more commonly known as "Mr Krab" put in the picture as a meme). These animals are free-living ocean animals.

Some unique crustaceans

Commonly asked questions

Which arthropods can attain the greatest weight?


What crab is less than a half inch wide?

a pea crab

Whats the most colorful crustacean?

peacock mantis shrimp

Crustaceans - Reef Life of the Andaman - Part 13
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