The Country and Continent

The country I picked is Nigeria and it's Continent is Africa.

The Capital

The capital of Nigeria is Abuja.


Nigeria operates the Presidential system of Government with three distinct but complementary arms namely the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary. Nigeria is made up of 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory. The name of the President of Nigeria is President Muhammadu Buhari and if you are not elected but one of the Traditional kings and religious leaders you still have power to influence on what decisions the government makes.

Major Industries

The petroleum industry in Nigeria is the largest on the African continent,
Telecommunication, Mining, construction and Agricultural sectors are other sectors of the economy.

Money #

In Nigeria they call money Naira (#) in place of dollar ($) here in America, also we spend cents (c) but called Kobo (k) in Nigeria.

Religion in my country.

The people living in the northern part of Nigeria are mostly Muslims while those living in the Southern part are predominantly Christians. Although, there are minorities with other traditional religions.


Nigeria made Olympic football history by becoming the first African and non-European and South American team to win the gold medal for Men soccer here in Atlanta in 1996. There are four different sports that Nigerians play which are soccer which is called Football in Nigeria and also they do boxing , basketball and dancing as sports too.


The color of Nigeria flag is green, white and green showed in the picture. The two green stripes represent Nigeria's natural wealth, while the white band represents peace.

Interesting Facts

Nigeria is no longer a major exporter of cocoa, groundnuts (peanuts), rubber, and palm oil. Below is a short clip of Nigeria Atilogwu cultural dancers.