Porfolio 113

Susan Sutherland

Composizione 2

La scorsa estate ho fatto due viaggi. In giugno sono arrivata in Italia. Visitato l’Umbria e la Toscana. Consciuto molte nuove persone. Primo, l’Umbria è così bella come Toscana. L’Italia è la piu bella di tutta l’Europa. La Mia sorella e la mia mamma e io siamo state e la Globus vacanza. Non abbiamo noleggiato una macchina. Eravamo sul bus Globus. Il volo per l’Italia è stato lungo. Il cibo era incredibile. La mia seconda vacanza era quella di Churchill, Manitoba. Ho preso tre voli per arrivare a Churchill. Churchill è più piccola di tutte le città dell’Umbria e della Toscana. A Churchill ho potuto vedere gli orsi polari, ma non l’arte. Churchill era un buon viaggio. Churchill era un viaggio molto diverso che andare in Italia. Il treno a Churchill è arrivato molto tardi. I treni in Italia sono molto meglio che in Italia. Non viaggerei a Churchill sul treno. L’albergo a Churchill non era a cinque stelle. Non aveva un ascensore. Non ha il servizio in camera. Ho prenotato la riserva ne mese di febbraio per agosto. Sono stata l’agente di viaggio. Per la vacanza in Italia Diane di AAA era l’agenta di viaggio. Churchill è così piccolo viaggio a piedi in tutto il mondo. Churchill era così divertente come l’Italia, ma vedere l’aurora boreale a Churchill era il migliore. Viaggerei in Italia ancora. Andrei a Orvieto ancora. Mi piace tutta l’Italia. Sarei rimasta più a lungo in Italia, ma la vacanza era finita. Ho dovuto tornare a casa. Ho molti ricordi dei viaggi.

Tiziano Ferro - La differenza tra me e te

Le parole
Spegnere - To extinguish
Fondo - Innermost
Capitare - to arrive/happen
i dettagli - Details
Sorridere - to smile

The simpleness of the video drew me into this song on Youtube. I liked the upbeat tempo, that changes about halfway through the song as well. The song seems to be about a struggle in a relationship. Style and simplicity, as well as classic, are major components of the video, which seem to fit with Italian culture. The video is Tiziano Ferro, singing alone on stage with two different shots of him, one in a suit and the other casual. In between these images are quickly moving images of people of different races and ages. Most of these images are close-up shots of their faces that display a variety of emotions. I'm not sure if this is a commentary on diversity that is lacking in Italy or not? Yet Italy, like all of Europe, is becoming more and more diverse. It isn't like Canada or the United States, but it is becoming more diverse.

A grammar structure throughout the song is attaching pronouns to infinitives. I'm not sure if these were used to improve the rhyming patterns in Italian.




A lot of current Italian pop videos are not as classic as Tiziano Ferro's videos/songs. This is more of a ballad style, similar to Nek's music. Malika Ayane was the artist I included in my project in the fall, and I feel her music would also fall into a traditional European/Italian pop category. Simple and classic. The videos each artist make are also very different. Malika Ayane and Nek's seem to tell more of a story, whereas Tiziano Ferro's are simple, they don't take away from the words/melodies, yet they still enhance the overall message of the song.

What I have enjoyed about this assignment is that I can use my developing listening skills and carefully listen for words in my developing Italian vocabulary. In September all I knew was menu and basic travel Italian, but in May, I can listen and understand so much more. Music is an easy way to work on developing my vocabulary and a test for my own gradual learning on a daily basis.

Noi e la Giulia - il Film

I first saw "Noi e la Giulia" on a Delta flight in March. I didn't have ear phones, so I only read the movie. On the return flight I had head phones and was able to listen to the dialogue and work on my listening skills. What I find interesting about modern Italian film and the older Sophia Loren films from the 1950s and 60s, is that sometimes in the current films the speaking is faster and the dialogue is more complex. I watched "Marriage Italian Style" two weeks ago and I found the speaking clearer and easier to understand than more current Italian films.

There were many aspects of this film that someone might view as typical Italian. The first is economic struggle. Italy is a beautiful country with amazing features of physical geography and art, but so many movies the characters are struggling, emotionally or economically. The second theme I noticed in this film was the story line that included the mafia - cammorists. Another piece of typical Italian culture in the film was the attention to food and wine. The director, Edoardo Leo, was also a lead actor in the movie. A significant portion of the plot revolved around mysterious music, that was classical. However, the end of the movie the chosen music was "Stand by Me." I guess this music selection fits the plot of the movie. I won't reveal too many details! The setting of the movie was an agri-turismo in a rural area of Italy. The filming didn't include too many wide shots of the country setting, but focused on the renovation of the building. What I continue to see in all the Italian movies I have viewed since September, is that they focus on real people with real issues. Italian films, current ones as well as once from the 1950s and 1960s, focus on real problems in their current society. The actors and actresses portray what very well could be real people. "Mid-August Lunch" and "Noi e la Giulia" are very different, but both of them depict real Italians and real societal problems in Italy today.

Based on the plot of the movie, there were many commands in the dialogue. I wasn't able to write them down based on the fast paced dialogue, but there was a lot of ordering of people around. If I comment too much, I will give the plot away. But if you were to watch "Noi e la Giulia" you notice very quickly at a certain point in the movie that commands are heavily used throughout the script.

Interesting words

Cammorists - Mafia

Batteria - Battery

Vittoria or morte - Victory or death

Subito - Immediately

Molto brutto - Very ugly

Disparità - Disparity

Angoscia - Anguish

Noi e la Giulia Trailer Ufficiale (2015) - Luca Argentero, Edoardo Leo Movie HD

Studio Italiano

Ho deciso per studiare l’italiano perché sono un’insegnante di ESL. Voglio sapere l’apprendimento delle lingue. La prima ragione per studiare l’italiano è per il mio lavoro. La mia seconda ragione per studiare italiano è che amo la cultura italiana. Amo il cibo italiano. Amo l’arte e la storia italiana. Ho studiato l’arte italiana al liceo ed all’università. Ma voglio sa la lingua italiana perché voglio sapere qualche italiano. Sa qualche italiano e voglio sa più. Anche amo viaggiare in italia. La mia sorella anche ha studiato italiano e noi cerchiamo di parlare. Ci piace studiare italiano.