September 9-13


Good morning,

What beautiful weekend we had! I hope everyone was able to enjoy it. Thank you for the difference I can already see you are making with the implementation of TLC. It is exciting to see the impact already after such a short time.

The BLT members received the scores from the state test color coded. Please go over these scores and identify students of focus . I will email the google form for you to identify these students.

Have a great week!

Aim High and Dream Big!!


Friendly Reminders

Public School Works Training

Start thinking about your yearly goals. I will start setting up meetings soon to discuss your goals.

What's Going This Week

This week is Social Studies Supervision.



Wednesday- EH - Staff Meetingw/ HS @ WIFI cafe 2:40

Thursday- Volleyball game @ Bethel

Friday- Gourd festival

Saturday- XC @ Bethel


M, W, F- 2:15-2:30-

Go over weekly agenda

Set goals for the week

Talk about weekend

Discuss ways they have used their strengths and what strengths they can work on

Gratitude journal each day

9/10- T

  1. SES Survey

  2. Character Spotting Cards- find a strength in classmates displayed (like we did in training). Write students’ names on a card to ensure every student has one. Randomly pass out cards so each student has another student’s card. Students are to look for strengths for the person whose card they have during an activity.

  3. Activity ideas: ( Build something, solve something )

4. Gratitude Journal

9/12- Th

  1. Journal: Write about a time when you were a good friend. What strengths did you use? How did you feel? How can you use these strengths today?

  2. Handout Appendix B- Strengths in my friends. ( See page 24 ⅚ notebook” Being a good friend.”

  3. On bottom of handout talk with a partner about what traits you had in common.

  4. Gratitude Journal

Additional Information:

The SES survey is to gauge student engagement in each class throughout the day and in TLC. After each class rate the class a 1-4 . Description for each rating is at the bottom of the page . You should have a copy of the form where you document your ratings.​ The survey is given 3 times a year. Please keep the paper in your binder. The hope is that by having the Thriving Learning Communities Program students will become more engaged in academics which will result in better test scores.

As for the Strength Spotting Cards, you should have enough cards for each of your students. Write a student's name on each card, then in homeroom tomorrow randomly pass out a card to every student( unless they are in band and don't have TLC). Tell the students that they had to spot a positive trait in the person they were given and write it out on the green card. Then they are to give you the card by the end of TLC that afternoon.

In TLC for the team building activity, have the students create a Team/TLC name for your group. They can also create a slogan, special handshake, etc. Then they can work on making a poster for your room. ( Students might be able to spot a positive trait in their peers during this activity)

** Before students leave make sure they give you the green papers or they can give to the person if you know everyone has one**

As for Thursday, I put a " Strengths in My Friends" handout in the TLC members mailbox so they can make copies.

How You Treat People Is Who You Are! (Kindness Motivational Video)

Video from Mrs. Lane's TLC

Professional Development

Many of our students come to school with many barriers they need to overcome . Educators today are faced with the daunting task of teaching students that face personal and social emotional challenges on a broad scale unlike any other generation. We now have in our schools what we refer to as the recession babies, a generation of children whose parents experienced hardships, loss of jobs, addiction and other tragedies during very trying economic times. Many of whom have yet to recover.

Click on the following article which covers the 10 most effectively strategies and practices to help our students overcome those barriers.

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