Number The Stars

By: Lois Lowry

Plot Summary

Ten-year old best friends, Annemarie Johanson and Ellen Rosen lived in the apartments next door to each other in Copenhagen, Denmark in the Netherlands with their mothers and fathers. Annemarie has a younger sister named Kristi Johanson. Annemarie had a older sister, Lise Johanson, until she got in a car crash. Now, all of her belongings are kept in a trunk in Annemarie's and Kristi's bedroom. They haven't opened the trunk since she died. And nobody has talked about her since. One day, Annemarie's mama asked her to stop at Mrs. Hirsch's button shop on her way home from school. But the door had a padlock on it and a sign that was in German. She went home and told her mama and papa what had happened. Her mama knew what had happened, but she never told Annemarie. That night, Ellen pretended to be a part of Annemarie's family. That night was going to be a very long night.

Theme - Friendship Never Ends

I think Ellen Rosen and Annemarie Johansen are going to be friends till the end because they have spent their whole life together. If they didn't have each other, Ellen and her family would of been taken away from their home. Annemarie's mom told her to be strong and protect Ellen and herself. Through the entire story, Ellen and Annemarie go through lots of scary situations, but they have to keep their heads up and survive.

Summary of Historical Event ~ Star of David

The Star of David was often related to the Holocaust in World War II. The Star of David was often called Magen David which stands for '' shield of David '' in Hebrew. The Star of David is known for its Judaism and commonly wore by Jewish people. The most common color of jewelry that Jews wore was yellow or gold. The Star of David is not just used by Jewish people but it was also used by Christians and Muslims. Many Jews wear the Star of David in honor of the flag of Israel that has a blue Star of David in the middle.

Behind the Book ~ Star of David

The author, Lois Lowry, put the Star of David the character, Ellen Rosen. This is an actual paragraph from the book about Ellen's Star of David.

"Ellen," she whispered urgently, " take your necklace off!" Ellen's hands flew to her neck. Desperately she began trying to unhook the tiny clasp. Outside the bedroom door, the harsh voices and heavy footsteps continued. " I can't get it open!" Ellen said frantically. " I never take it off-I can't even remember how to open it!" Annemarie heard a voice just outside the door. " What is here?" " Shhh," her mother replied. " My daughters' bedroom. They are sound asleep." " Hold still," Annemarie commanded. " This will hurt." She grabbed the little gold chain, yanked with all her strength, and broke it. As the door opened and light flooded into the bedroom, she crumpled it into her hand and closed her fingers tightly. Terrified, both girls looked up at the three Nazi Officers who entered the room.


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