Mr. Budisch's Spring Lights

Learning is alive and well at the Primary School

It is coming in a month!

See below for all of the information you need to join this event! Thanks for your support!
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Another Principal for a Day

See below as this student is assisting Mr. Budisch during the 5K lunch time in the cafeteria. We had a really good day! She was a busy assistant this day with her smaller friends.

Taking shots on the playground!

We have plenty of good shooters around our playground this spring. Must be the excitement from the Badgers. The kids sure have spirited competitions too!

Outdoor Education Benches Return

One of our local Boy Scouts achieved the Eagle Scout award by designing and building these benches for our school. We recently had them refinished and they are ready for our children. You can find them on the north side of our school. These benches can be reconfigured to become a table with a bench-pretty cool!

One Last Reminder about tonight's event

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Mike Budisch

Always take a moment to check out the SMORE to get an inside look at what's happening in our school. These look-ins can help get conversations started with your children. The students are beginning to bloom! Thanks for your invaluable help in this effort!