Wisnoski's World

Week of February 11th

Tutoring This Week

Monday - morning and after-school until 4 pm

Tuesday - morning

Wednesday - morning and lunch

Thursday - morning

Friday - morning and lunch

Sixth Week of the Nine Weeks

Progress Reports will be going out next week.

Algebra I

Concept for the Week : Writing and solving systems of equations given situations from word problems.

Homefun due Friday, February 15th - This homefun is practice for the quiz.

Quiz on Friday over Applications of Solving Systems of Equations

Algebra II

We will be covering the concept of Square Root Functions this week.

Quiz Friday, Feb. 15th over Transformations of Square Root functions.


Homefun Due Friday - From Textbook Pg. 494-496 #4-12, 19-26

Test on Thursday over Trig Ratios and Functions

Retest over Special Right Triangles on Thursday before school or at lunch

Trigonometric Ratios and Functions


The Trigonometry Song
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