Home of the Soccor and Christ the redemeer statue

Location, Weather, Climate

*Located in south america it is the 5th largest country in the world after Russia, Canada, China, and U.S.A. Area of 3,286,482 square miles.

*It is a subtropical and tropical climate, Brazil is an all-year around destination. The winter lasts for about 3 months from June to August. From December to February Winter temps are 55-65 degrees. The summer temp doesn't vary often, degrees for summer from 86-105 degrees.

Language, Folkways, Taboos

*The speak the language of portugues.

*A few folkways are Woman are expected to take care of all household work. The smoking and drinking age is 18 years old. Making a brief eye contact with strangers is acceptable and common. sucking your thumb indicates a feeling of being left out. Brazzilians are normally neat and well dressed.

*Taboos of Brazil are wearing clothes that are not iron there clothes or have wrinkles. Asking to bring your food back or a to go box after eating and you did not finish is a sign of low class or not acceptable. They will not bring your tab or check before you done eating at a restaurant is not impolite and will not be done.

Subcultures, Evidence of culture change

*Some of the subcultures of are that homosexuals are not wanted there and are very discriminated against. Also Brazilian youth funk photography a charity program that helps people in poorer classes of Brazil sense the 90's.

*Some evidence of culture change are people are starting to look at different things and look better at them like homosexuals, and recreational weed is no longer frowned a pond as much and also the way people live the status of living is going up and Isnt as poor/bad.