Y1 Focus

T1 W7 - October 17th, 2016


  • Hearing Screening letters are going home this week. Please fill out the reply slip and return with payment by Wednesday 1 November if you would like your child to attend the Hearing Screening. Any questions, contact Irene teRaa at iteraa@ichkhly.edu.hk

  • Please send in your child’s immunisation form and record ASAP if you have not already done so.

  • Students need to wear their PE kits to school on Mondays (PE) and Tuesdays (PMP). Parent helpers are not required on Mondays.

PIM Reading and Phonics in Year 1

Wednesday, Oct. 19th, 8:30am

3 Hong Lok Yuen 20th Street

New Territories

Please join Irene teRaa in the Hall for an informative session on Reading and Phonics in Year 1. All parents are welcome to join.
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Who We Are

Central Idea:

Forming and keeping good relationships can enrich people’s lives.

Key Concepts:

Form, Function, Connection

Related Concepts:

Cause/Effect, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making

What lines of inquiry will define the scope of the inquiry into the central idea?

  • What a relationship is.

  • The different types of relationships we can have

  • Roles and behaviours in different relationships

What teacher questions/provocations will drive these inquiries?

  • How are people the same and different in our class?

  • What are the effects of our actions on ourselves and others? (Fun Friends)

  • Why are our choices and our actions important?

  • What are our responsibilities when working and playing with others?

Learning engagements:

  • Role play positive and negative scenarios with friends.

  • Read ‘Understand and Care’ by Cheri Meiner. How we can can show kindness to our friends?

  • Finding out more about our friends: Show and Tell art work - Who We Are collage.

  • Visible thinking - See, Think, Wonder after looking carefully at a given Friendship picture.

  • Fun Friends Program (Dr Paula Barrett www.pathwayshrc.com.au) to help students learn skills to develop lifelong positive relationships. Looking at similarities and differences in people and learning that this should be celebrated.



  • Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter Yarrow and Lenny Lipton - Fiction (using our imagination)


  • Handwriting patterns

  • Long Ladder letters - land i


  • Get Reading Right program - Unit 1 Phonemes (s, c, m, p, g, t, a, o)

    • Know the phonemes

    • Begin to blend phonemes to create CVC words

    • Introducing Unit 1 camera words (the, I, to, are, she, was)


Strand: Number

Learning engagements:

  • Use place value blocks to represent two digit numbers

  • Counting on strategy

  • Ordering numbers