Rain Forest

By: Marisa Kiser


A Temperate rainforest can be found along coasts, a Tropical rainforest can be found around the world. The rain forest is very hot and moist. The seasons of a rainforest can be described as rainy or dry depending on what kind of rain forest it is, Tropical or Temperate rainforests. There is no winter, and daylight lasts for a whole twelve hours. There are four different layers in the rainforest: Emergent, Upper Canopy, Understory, and Forest Floor. The Emergent layer is trees that are spaced widely apart. The Upper Canopy allows light through but barely allows any light below the Upper Canopy. The Understory is made up of a few types of plants: the trunks of canopy trees, shrubs, plants, and small trees. The Forest Floor is shaded. Not many plants can grow on the Forest Floor because there is so little light.

Abiotic Factors

The climate of a rainforest is very hot and humid because of all the rainfall all year long. Most of the water from the rain never reaches the ground because there are so many huge trees and the leaves act like a shield. The Tropical rainforest is called this because it receives so much rain that it is has a tropical climate. Normally the temperature of the rainforest is around 77-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature does not Change hardly. Rainforests help maintain global patterns and rain, that is why they are so important to the earth. Precipitation goes on all year long. The same pattern happens. The rainforest recieves at least 90 days of rain throughout the entire year.


The rainforest is very wet and rainy with flat land. There might be a few hills here and there but over all the rainforest is pretty flat.


There are many different species that live in the rainforest, in fact at least half of the species live in the rainforest. Scientists say that it is because mamals, virds, reptiles as well as amohibians are adapted to hanging in trees. New World monkeys also live in trees, they do this by curling their tail around the tree and hang there.


Most trees in the rainforest are thin with thin bark, because the rainforest is always wet, they don't need thick bark to worry about drying out. One plant that you usually see in a rainforest is an ephyte. An ephyte is a plant that grows out of other plants. Orchids are very popular in the rainforest, there are more than 20,000 of them in one rainforest. In rainforests, trees can live much longer than humans sometimes they can live up to 1,000 years!

Catastrophic Events and Human Impact

Humans today are cutting down trees in the rain forest. This is causing some species to go missing because their habitat is being cut down. People rely on rainforests for food, medicine, travel, timber, allspice, vanilla, cacao, cassava, ginger, bananas, black pepper, sugar cane, nutmeg, and many more. By cutting down trees in the rainforest, we are losing some of these items as well as some species of animals and plants.

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