Mended Hearts Volunteer Newsletter

December 2015


Thank you for all that you do! Without you we wouldn't be able to help as many animals as we have. While we are still calculating totals for 2015 as a whole, we have adopted out 17 animals so far this month. That is huge!

Thank you!

Volunteer Survey

Below you will find the link for the volunteer survey. We would like to have all of the surveys back before the beginning of the year so that we can make 2016 our best year yet! Thank you all for stepping up and saying you want to be a part of helping those who need us to be their voice.

Volunteer Survey:

We will also be sending out a brief questionnaire to all of our foster homes as we prepare to starting pulling animals in 2016. If you are interested in fostering but have not done so yet please let us know!

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We need your help! We are currently working on collecting donations for the 2016 Gala. You can find the donation request letter on the Mended Hearts Volunteer Facebook page.

If you have any questions about this please let us know.

Who do I contact?

Sometimes you need to reach out to ask questions and you're not sure who to ask!

Recently there has been a few new additions to the team to help spread out some of the work. We are also looking for others to assist in creating a fundraising team! If interested please make sure you make note of that on your volunteer survey.

Adoptions: Katie -

Social Media: Dawn -

Foster: Tara -

Medical Questions for Fosters: Rachael -

General Questions/Concerns: Jared -