Area Ministry Ambassador

An Innovative Idea From Your Friends At...

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Your Personal Invitation:

You have been chosen to participate in a new and uncharted course to expand the Sacramento area ministry as we reach out to more people and churches for the sake of Christ.

Please continue reading below for more information...

Area Ministry Ambassador: What, Why, Who, Where, How

What: An Area Ministry Ambassador (AMA) is a Christ-following individual, couple or family who are familiar with the ministries of Joni and Friends and have a desire to reach people affected by disability for the Glory of God.

Why: Our ultimate goal is to bring more people into the Kingdom of Christ. Our immediate goal is to assist the Church in welcoming and serving individuals and families affected by disability and special needs.

Who: People willing to volunteer, as time allows, to reach out to churches and individuals using Joni and Friends-provided resources and training.

Where: In the area in which the volunteer resides and/or works.

How: By visiting churches in the volunteer's area, and by responding to occasional calls or emails from the Area Director. Time requirements will vary greatly depending on volunteer's availability.

More detailed information can be found in the document below:

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Next Steps:

Once volunteer has read the attached document, and agrees to become an AMA, the first step will be to attend a training where they will receive more detailed information, business cards, and resource materials. If the volunteer cannot attend the group training, an individual session can be arranged.

Then, as time allows, you may visit a church in your neighborhood, to start, and share what it is Joni and Friends does and how we can be of service to them. The best place to begin is with your own church. Much more detailed information will be provided.

AMA Training

Thursday, Jan. 21st, 6:30pm

5280 Stirling St., #103, Granite Bay, CA

Please join us even if you are undecided or not ready to begin. We will go over details and have questions answered should some remain.

I will be sending a separate email invite from soon to acquire a head count (I didn't want to upgrade this free Smores account).

Thank you,

Dan Adragna

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