Poisonous Dart Frog/Matter

By:Gabrielle McGregor

Questions and Anwsers

My First Question is...
  • Is matter in their environment and is matter too small to be seen in their environment)?

Yes matter is in there environment because it is in everything that has mass, matter is too small to be seen because it is made of atoms and Anything you see and can feel is made of atoms. All atoms are too small to be seen with the naked eye or even a microscope, although there are some new types of microscopes that are now able to see larger atoms such as gold. All matter is the same because all matter is made up of atoms.

My Second Question is...
  • Is energy in animals food?

Yes Food gives animals energy. They need energy to move, to make sounds, to see and to hear.

like the eagle uses energy to keep watch. When it sees danger, it needs energy to fly away. and its gets energy from the food chain!

My Third Question is...

  • What does the energy help the animals with?

Run,Jump,Fly, pretty much everything energy helps animals move. Like the dart frog the energy in there food will help them move, hop, swim, jump,and catch food.

My Fourth Question is...
  • How Poisonous is the blue dart frog?

Just a tiny drop of slime on its back can kill birds and small mammals that the Indians hunt for food.

My Fifth Question is...
  • Does Matter move?


My sixth Question is...

  • How does matter move?

Matter moves as fast as the speed of light and it travel through liquids gas and properties like a tree or milk or oxygen

My seventh Question is...

  • What does matter live in like animals?

Well it is gas, liquid and Properties so.. this is a website that shows what matter is and what it is in! But no it is not in animals but it is in wood, which is a property


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ANY QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!