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Here's what's going on this week in ELA...

In Search of Descriptive Language...

In this lesson (last week), students used John Gardner’s short story, “Dragon, Dragon” to locate vivid verbs and other types of descriptive language.

Additionally, while considering the attributes of the eight characters, students practiced the art of crafting a thesis statement that is insightful and supportable with text.

Random Thoughts

Students are learning how to turn their topics for writing into thesis statements that are interesting, unique, and supportable. The students are looking at expository essays to see the difference between expository and literary writing.

The students will compose 4-5 level 1 expository style drafts from their random thoughts topics inventory.

"Eleven" by Sandra Cisneros

This lesson is developed around three distinct experiences:

1. Students will listen to the story “Eleven” and monitor their comprehension.

2. They will complete a descriptive language assessment to demonstrate their understandings of these concepts in literary fiction, and

3. They will respond by writing their own expository responses.

"The Blue Shoe" by Peter Reynolds

The purpose of this lesson is to reinforce descriptive language, theme, and symbolism in writing. We will view the short film a few times and engage in classroom discussions about our ideas.

"I have a Dream..."

As an introduction to some of the themes in our upcoming novel, Maniac Magee, we will study Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous "I Have a Dream" speech by listening to it, annotating the text with our ideas and thoughts, and discussing it.

Additionally, students will be asked to choose several examples of figurative language from the text and provide a visual (poster) of literal language for each as a reinforcement of the power of figurative language in our writing.

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