February Newsletter

February 2016

Lovin' the World and Lovin' Life

*Cue the cheesy and cute Hallmark cards, heart-shaped chocolates, and corny pick-up lines*

We'd like to expand the meaning of love this month. Right now, more the ever, it feels like our world needs the type of love that will transform our neighborhoods into united communities---a love which seeks justice, warmth, and a vigilant concern for others. In light of recent events that often seem to be devoid of love, such as the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, we hope you perceive this newsletter as a place to re-dedicate the idea of love within your life. Perhaps that means you begin by taking more time for some good 'ole self love. Maybe it means you re-evaluate close relationships in your life and see how you can be a more present individual within them! Or maybe your love will take the form of passion for a cause within the world (think back to issues we discussed at the LC retreat)! We hope some of the videos, articles, and pictures we've attached in this article will give you guidance. Happy February, LC!

Finding Your Footing

Amidst papers, clubs, projects, and work it can be difficult to find the time to focus on yourself. Your worries (and hopes) sometimes get pushed to the side. Sure, a solid Netflix session will do the trick on most days, but sometimes making time for yourself requires more than just getting away from homework. Rather, it requires time to personally check-in and see how everything is going!

1. Live in Appreciation---Its a pretty great world out there. Sometimes one just has to work a little extra to see it! Instead of being on your phone on your walk to class, take the time to think of the warm sun outside, the cute dogs being walked on Sheridan, or the kind-hearted person who just held the door open for you!

2. Forgive Yourself---Mistakes are inevitable. Its not what we do but how we choose to grow from it. Take the time you need to work through the issue, and once you've made a game plan stick with it.

3. Accept Uncertainty---The future is an intimidating place. Majors, careers, and passions are hard to pin down especially when new experiences are constantly impacting our plans. However, the beauty of the future is that its unwritten. (Natasha Bedingfield said it best).

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Treat Yo Self (Self-Care All Day, Every Day)

  • Wear something extra snazzy for no reason
  • Take a long shower
  • Dance to a solid Fetty Wap song
  • Eat Ben and Jerry's on a weeknight
  • Work out and sit in the sauna after
  • Lay in bed and listen to relaxing music
  • Find a pet store and play with the animals
  • Buy yourself flowers
  • Plan a do nothing day (and stick with it)
  • Journal
  • Brew yourself some tea and drink it with a beloved friend
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Imagine the Possibilities of a Better World

The Magis Scholarship Iniatiative

In reflecting upon our time together at the retreat Sania and I wanted to share a successful social justice initiative that has been coming to fruition over the past two years here at Loyola. In response to the growing number of undocumented students, the Latin American Student Organization and the Student Government of Loyola Chicago collaborated to create a scholarship for them. Loyola's medical school was the first to admit undocumented students. However, because of the way federal financial aid works, undocumented students are unable to receive any form of aid, making paying for school all the more difficult. The two organizations teamed up to create an endowed scholarship titled "Magis" (meaning "the more" in Latin) to fully fund several undocumented students a year. After passing as a student referendum vote in the spring of 2015, the scholarship became officially endowed and recognized by the Board of Trustees earlier this year.

Read more about it here

Solidarity in Our Identitites

Cracking the Codes: Joy DeGruy "A Trip to the Grocery Store"