Shining in First Grade

Weekly Updates in Mrs. Graham's Class

Events for April 11-15 (Black Week)

Please return April reading calendars with the total minutes for the week. Please return leveled readers if your child is ready to read.
Star of the Week: Eli

Animal Hair Facts are due today! If you are able, please send supplies and pictures to school to help with your child's project.


Practice Spelling Test

Final Spelling Test

Extra Library Checkout
Early Dismissal: Students will be dismissed at 1:00 today.


Weekly Vocabulary: buy, only, or, right, think (I will be testing students on Unit 4 words if I haven't already tested them last week.)
Spelling Words: each, eat, year, read, clean, dream, show, know
Spelling Sentences:
1. Each bird in the show has a red cape.
2. Do you know how to read?

Math: Practice math facts within 10 (addition and subtraction) to encourage fluency.

Nightly Reading: Our April reading goal is to read 300 minutes.

What can I reinforce at home?

Reading – Students are brainstorming adjectives to describe themselves. They will then create a "Colorful Qualities" Rainbow.

Math – We are working on place value. Students are learning how to add two digit numbers. (13 + 17)

Practice math facts within 10 and 20! This will help build fluency and gain confidence with our daily sprints from Engage New York.

Pathways- "When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking. (-ea makes the long /e/ sound. This is the rule the spelling words are following this week!

Animal Hair Projects

We have been researching our animals at school this week. Most students have been able to find two facts about their animal. However, if your child has not finished their research, I would like for them to finish at home. I would also like for each student to bring in a picture of their animal and supplies for their hair if they are able. For example, if your child was assigned the polar bear, they may bring in cotton balls to represent polar bear hair.

Thank you for your help with this project. The students are excited to create their animal hair this upcoming week!

Upcoming Events

May 12: Dinosaur Museum
May 16: First Grade Class Trip
May 19: First Grade Picnic

More details to come about these events, but I wanted you to have them on your calendars.