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Bishop Woods School Newsletter - July 2020

Greetings Bishop Woods Families,

I hope this message finds you well. I can not believe that we are already almost half way through summer break. I hope all of you are finding ways to relax and enjoy this season!

This is a summer like no other, as we try to navigate the district and state expectations for reopening schools. At this point, all families should have completed the Return to School Survey that was sent out by myself and the district. If you have not communicated your return to school plan (in person or remote learning) for the 2020-2021 school year, please be sure to do so at the link below. If you have already completed this form, or have had a member of our staff complete it on your behalf, please do not fill it out again as your intentions have already been recorded.

Return to School Survey Link: https://forms.gle/xUT5acsCgU4YnPhy9

Also, please note that the district has submitted three different instructional models based on the state of Covid risk: Low Risk, Moderate Risk and High Risk. Families always have the option of remote learning, regardless of the level of risk. I have copied the draft of the district plan for you to review below this letter.

Below are some ways you can begin to prepare your child over the summer for a return to in person instruction.

  • Listen to your child's concerns and do your best to reassure them. Many of our children are listening to adult conversations and/or news broadcasts, which may heighten anxiety.
  • Have your child practice wearing his/her mask throughout the summer, as our students will be required to wear masks in school. I know this may be difficult for them, so it is best to get some practice in advance.
  • For younger students that do not yet know how to tie their own shoes, please purchase school shoes that are slip-on or Velcro so that they do not need assistance with laces.
  • If you plan to send your child in with lunch, please have him/her practice opening containers over the course of the summer. I know children often have issues opening juice boxes and snack bags independently! Since our staff will also have to socially distance, creating greater independence will be necessary.

We have purchased a number of back to school supplies for all students, regardless of if they will be accessing in person or remote instruction. I will be in touch regarding our distribution system closer to the start of the school year. I am informing you now so that you do not purchase too many items in advance.

As plans become more detailed, I will continue to share new information with all families. Please be sure to check your email regularly for any updates, as I will not be sending another newsletter until August. The district is also sending out many updates, along with opportunities for parents to attend Zoom information sessions

Please note that it is important for your child to continue learning over the summer! There is information in this newsletter regarding our district challenges...I encourage every family to participate! I have also highlighted the students that are currently in the lead for our school for the district reading challenge below. Please remember to fill out the Google form so that your child receives credit for the books that he/she has read! I have also included additional resources to assist you with summer learning activities as well.

Lastly, as promised, I have recorded a video to celebrate our JULY BIRTHDAYS! The link is available in the birthday section of our newsletter.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.


Mrs. Natalino

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Birthdays This Month!

July 1 - Ms. Sirico (Library Media Specialist), Frankie E. (Graduate)

July 2 - Jamal M. (Gr. 5), Armani A. (Gr. 5)

July 3 - Jaysiel B. (Gr. 2), Jamari P. (Gr. 2)

July 5 - Marques A. (Gr. 1)

July 7 - Logan J. (Gr. 2), Jeremy S. (Gr. 7), Christopher T. (Gr. 5)

July 8 - Ms. Delucia (Paraprofessional), Khloe A. (Gr. 2). Anisti P. (Gr. 4)

July 9 - Aniyah C. (Gr. 4)

July 10 - Zunel C. (Graduate), Arianna G. (Gr. 2), Kaley P. (Gr. 8)

July 11 - Ms. Higgins (Special Education Teacher), Oshmar C. (Gr. 5)

July 12 - Londyn A. (Gr. 1), Roberto O. (Gr. 2)

July 13 - Mariah M. (Gr. 1), Arianna S. (Gr. 8)

July 14 - Nyla L. (Gr. 3)

July 16 - Kaleb J. (Gr. 4)

July 17 - Nexdiel C. (Gr. 3), Sarah O. (Gr. 1), Vinson W. (Gr. 7)

July 18 - Kiana B. (Gr. 5), Zilmarie T. (Graduate)

July 20 - Levi C. (Gr. 1), Ari G. (Gr. 4)

July 21 - Yedrian A. (Gr. 4)

July 24 - Damir W. (Gr. 1)

July 25 - Daniel G. (Graduate)

July 26 - Ceonne S. (Gr. 5)

July 27 - Sara B. (Gr. 1), Tristian G. (Gr. 5), Elan M. (Gr. 7), King R. (Gr. 3)

July 28 - Karina C. (Gr. 7), William C. (Gr. 4), Trayden H. (Gr. 1)

July 31 - Eduan C. (Gr. 3), Armani G. (Gr. 1), Joana H. (Gr. 6), Aleida M. (Gr. 4)

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Top Readers To Date!!

The following students have read the most books so far this summer!! Keep it up! I am so proud of your efforts:)

Grades K-2:

  • Sabrina Scott
  • Londyn Aleman

Grades 3-5:

  • Sasha Gatison
  • Natalia DeMayo
  • Wilfredo Otero

Grades 6-8... We do not have any entries recorded so far. Let's get going!!! Please be sure to READ and record your books on the Google Form!

It is SO IMPORTANT to continue reading over the summer months! We need to keep our brains exercised and sharp!! If anyone did not pick up the summer reading books during the designated week in June, you can still stop by the building to get them. Just call in advance to ensure that we are available.

Our Superintendent, Dr. Iline Tracey, is hosting a summer reading incentive! She will recognize top readers in the fall! The link below has more information, along with access to e-books:


This is the link to the Google Form students should complete for each book:


Let's have the top readers be members of our Bishop Woods family!!

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CT Science Center: Science At Home

STEM Challenges, Virtual Field Trips & Engaging Activities

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Save the Date: Reopening of Schools Meeting for Parents of Children with Disabilities

Thursday, July 23rd, 5:30pm

This is an online event.

More information, along with a Zoom link, will be sent by the district.

Zoom Family Event Calendar Hosted by Clifford Beers

Check out the following events that will be hosted for families through our partner Clifford Beers. If you are interested in participating in the event, please contact Mrs. Natalino or your child's teacher for the Zoom link. I am hoping you can take advantage of some of these sessions.
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Updated School Meal Information

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Click on links below for additional resources to assist families at this time:

Contact Information

Home Office #s:

Mrs. Natalino, Principal- 203-654-9533

Ms. Crisci, Assistant Principal - 475-221-1633