presented by Rodeo Hills Elementary

All-In Day

Rodeo Hills celebrates attendance with our very first ALL-IN DAY. WE aim to have 100% attendance on ALL-IN DAY but we need your help to make sure every kid comes to school. Please be sure to schedule appointments, vacations, and other day-off activities for another day. We look forward to celebrating the day with you with special activities, recognition, and, attendance prize raffles.


Friday, Oct. 16th, 8:30am

545 Garretson Avenue

Rodeo, CA

All students come to school! Let us hit the 100% mark on Friday, October 16th. We hope all students can make it to school to celebrate attendance and to let our community know that Rodeo Hills makes attendance a top priority. Special raffle prizes, recognition, and activities to celebrate all that is great about coming to school!