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2021/2022 - April


TDS Construction Classes

Tierra Del Sol offers two different construction experiences. The second period class allows students to create a wood project of their choosing. Students get inspired to build chairs, tables, desks, even skateboarding ramps. Third period exposes students to three-week lessons in a variety of construction-related fields. Some of the units available include: plumbing, electrical, concrete, masonry, framing, roofing, surveying, hand tools, power tools, blueprint reading, job estimation, as well as others. See the pictures and projects below.

Congratulations to Eric De La Cerda!

Eric graduated from the Bakersfield Police Jr. Activities League! Congratulations!! See the below links if you are interested in the program.

Click here to learn more!

Click here for an Application Packet in English

Click here for an Application Packet in Spanish

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KYLYNNE DENNIS - Class of 2017

What is your favorite memory from TDS?

Being welcomed with open arms.

What advice do you have for current TDS students?

Take the chance while you have it. Get your work done, and make as many friends as possible.

What are your current plans after graduation?

Currently moving, getting married, and looking for a better job.

A personal note from Kylynne:

These are some of the best years of your life. Enjoy your life, and live for you. You’ve got this. And if you haven’t been told by anyone, then I’ll be the one to tell you. I’m proud of you all.


What is your favorite memory from TDS?

Holding the snake and playing the nintendo on the last day of summer school

What advice do you have for current TDS students?

Enjoy it new place and a lot more support everything will be okay

What are your current plans after graduation?

Get a job and save up for a car and save for a apartment when I turn 18

TDS Students: Where are you going? Where are you now?

We want to here from our graduating seniors and our former students! We are looking forward to showcasing students in our newsletters. Click this link to tell us about your plans for the future or what you are currently doing after graduation!

-----Helpful Resources-----

Food Pantry - 825 Chester Ave

(661) 281-2130

Families can receive food once every 3 days.

Golden Empire Gleaners - 1326 30th St #A

(661) 324-2767

If you Volunteer from 7:30am – 11:30am you will get a free hot breakfast, lunch, snack, and a food basket to take home.

Friendship House CAPK - 2424 Cottonwood Road

(661) 369-8922

Community Connection for Child Care - 2000 K Street

(661) 861-5200

CAPK Kern County


Information and referral services for assistance with health and human services support.

Family Urgent Response System (FURS)

(833) 939-3877

Free 24/7/365 hotline for current or former foster youth and caregivers to call and get immediate help with any big or small issues.

Mental Health & Crisis Intervention

(800) 991-5272

24 hour counseling for those experiencing a personal, relationship, or mental health crisis or suicidal thoughts.

Alliance Against Family Violence

(661) 327-1091

Mary K. Shell Mental Health Center

(661) 868-8047


If you have Medi-Cal or Kern Family, please contact our community specialist.

-----A LOOK BACK AT 2018/2019-----