Computer Skills

What to know about computers


1. Facebook is not a place to share your info.

2. You should not put you location on Facebook.

3. You should not put long status' because no one will want to read it.

4. Do not post pictures of friends without them allowing it.

5. Don't add people on Facebook that you don't know outside of Facebook.

6. Don't add your Facebook to twitter you could spam your friends.


1. Make sure to put the subject other wise someone is just going to delete it.

2. Don't put capital letters because it looks like your yelling and its hard to read.

3. Don't say anything to the person that you wouldn't say in public.

4. Put your name on the bottom so they know who is sending the email.

5. Once you send the email you can never get the email back.

6. Try to shorten your email because people don't like reading long emails.

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1. Put smiley faces to set a tone and to make sure someone didn't take you statement in the wrong way.

2. To shorten an email put BTW instead of By The Way.

3. Make sure you spell check before sending an email.

4. Everyone could see your email when you hit the send button.

5. Clearly summarize your message in subject line.