October School News

Forest Avenue School

Arrival and Dismissal

Proper organization and following the school rules at dismissal and arrival are integral to keeping our children safe at school.

Please follow these posted rules.

Beginning the school day.

All students need to be in school lines by 835am.

Please stay out of the bus circle during the bus drop off times of 825am to 840am.

Use the Southside drop off circle at all times for student arrival to school.

If you drop off your children and plan to stay on site please do not park in the bus circle.

Dismissal times.

Use the Southside circle to pick up your children.

Do not get out of your car to get your children.

We have adults there to do this for you.

Walkers come out the middle door.

Park your car in our lot, (stay out of the bus circle) to walk to the door and pick up your child.

The front door is for bus students only. Please do not congest this area from 335-350pm. We are trying to make sure that 220 bus students get on the bus safely.

Please let Mrs. LeBeau know during the day (before 145pm) if your child's dismissal plan has changed. Getting this info at 240pm confuses the children and causes anxiety with students , parents and staff.

School Calendar

October 16th - Popcorn and Blue White Day

Dress in your best blue white colors.

Forest Avenue Fun Festival - October 23rd 6pm -730pm - School cafeteria - Please bring a canned good for our food drive to this event.

Great Pumpkin Caper Grades K-1 9-12noon - Learning Center

October 30th - Spirit Day - End of the month Jamboree for good behavior. POPCORN

We are collecting the following items for needy people.

Miss Pesare's students are collecting socks in Socktober. Socks, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes and healthy kid snacks are being collected.

Box Tops for Education are being collected each day. Awards for students and classrooms who bring in the most. This ends October 23rd.

Stop and Shop - Please sign up online for Forest Avenue School with your Stop and Shop card. We received over 2000 dollars last year from parents and friends who used their

card to donate to our school. More info to come.

Next PTG meeting November 5th, 6pm, School Library.

Keep practicing IXL and Reflex math at home. All our individual classrooms already have completed over 2000 problems in math. Keep up the good work.

Reading Program

Let's find Out... Look In A Book

Every child has a monthly reading calendar. The students should be reading and coloring the calendar boxes. We will have a reading rally each month. Students bring in their completed reading calendar and they are eligible for a raffle ticket. Last year students won books, basketballs, and assorted other great prizes for reading at home.