Wilmington, NC Climate Details

By Christian


The following is a list of monthly temperatures for Wilmington, NC 2016.

(Temperatures in Fahrenheit)

January: Average High: 54.4 Average Low: 34.7 Average Temperature: 44.5

February: Average High: 58.7 Average Low: 38.7 Average Temperature: 48.7

March: Average High: 72.5 Average Low: 50.4 Average Temperature: 61.45

Based on this information I would predict that early/late year is colder, and after January it begins getting warmer.


The following is a list of monthly precipitation levels (in inches) for Wilmington, NC 2016.

January: Total precipitation: 4.45 inches

February: Total precipitation: 7.62 inches

March: Total precipitation: 2.83 inches

In this example it seems like precipitation levels in Wilmington NC, have fluctuated for the last three months.