Electric Circuit

Frida G. And Sofia M.

What is an electric circuit?

A circuit is a way of routing electricity along a path


electricity happens when electrons, the negatively-charged particles in an atom, move from one object to another.


An electric current dosen't just happen on its own. It need a path to follow.

And that's what a circuit is-a path that a current can flow along


most metals make good conductors, so we use metal wires as a path in electric circuits


insulator are opposite of conductors they're materials that electrons have a hard time flowing through
If you look closely at an electric cord, you'll see that it's actually two separate insulated wires.


A switch controls the flow of electrons by opening and closing a circuit.

when a switch is in the "off " position, the circuit is openen.

And when a circuit it's in the "on" position, the circuit is closed, and electrons can flow through.