Queen Anne Victorian

By: Ashleigh Erickson, 4th hour

House Description

  • Most popular from 1880-1900.
  • Can be recognized by its distinct round tower and steeply-pitched roof.
  • Highly elaborate, with intricate trims and decorations, yet more affordable than most houses at the time.
  • Has a wrap around porch and large bay windows.
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Historical Events During This Time Period

  • Many corporations were beginning, since state laws favored them. Anyone could start their own corporation.
  • America was in the midst of the Industrial Revolution during this time, so lots of new technological advancements were being made, such as the lightbulb, commercial electricity, and railroads for transportation.
  • Lots of businesses were growing.
  • Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell formed their own telephone company during this time.

Building Materials and Technology

  • Queen Annes were made of a variety of materials, such as wood, brick, stone, wood shingles and clapboard, and slate. Sometimes they might have decorative stone panels.
  • The spindle-work on the houses was made possible by the technological advancements in the mass production of wood trim and improved railroad transportation.