By Zach and Belle

Dangerous UV rays

  • A overexposure to the suns "ultraviolet" light puts you at risk for skin cancer. This includes the possibly deadly melanoma. Many people, 89% of girls and 78%, of boys say that there friends work on their sun tan. This is because they think it makes them look "cool" or that it is a sign of heathy skin. This is very misinformed. It can be dangerous to sun tan .


The amount of pigments that you have can affect your risk of skin cancer. If you have red or blonde hair, freckles or if there is a history of skin cancer if your family you are at a greater risk. Also if you need to be aware if you have moles on your body. They should be circular if they start to expand then you need to talk to a doctor because this is an early sign of skin cancer.

You should always were sun screen if your out side.