Pennsylvania: Freedom, Equality, Safety

Come and Settle in Pennsylvania

Equality, freedom, safety. That's the goal of Pennsylvania. Here in the wonderful new world, many new opportunities can be found, especially in the magnificent land of Pennsylvania. Here, any religion can be freely practiced with no limitations. Safety and equality is our focus here in Pennsylvania. We ensure no discrimination in any religion you practice, as well as its safe practice from the outside world. The weather and geography here is beautiful. There are cold winters but hot humid summers, while there is fertile soil and coastlines perfect for farming.


William Penn and his Quaker companions came to America seeking freedom and equality. William has created Pennsylvania with these goals in mind.

Democratic Government

Pennsylvania was created by the wonderful William Penn and his Quaker companions. The Quakers believed in Democratic government, and equality for all. This means that the people would rule and everybody has their say in how the politics of Pennsylvania works. The Pennsylvania economy is based on farming, trading, lumber and shipbuilding. Have your say in the government here in Pennsylvania!


Kevin Wu, Mitchell Theis, Salma Rahimi, Allie Alneyadi