Queen of Ethiopia. And a Constellation.

Interesting Facts

  • Cassiopeia was found and named by Greek astronomer Ptolemy.
  • Cassiopeia means: 'She whose words excel' in Greek and Latin.
  • Cassiopeia is shaped like a W, or M. (Depending on your perspective)
  • It is bordered by three constellations: Perseus in the southeast, Cepheus to the north, and Andromeda to the south.
  • Cassiopeia(Noticeable constellation) is made up of 5 stars: Epsilon Cassiopeia(Segin), Gamma Cassiopeia, Alpha Cassiopeia(Schedar), Delta Cassiopeia(Ruchbah), and Beta Cassiopeia (Caph).
  • Cassiopeia (Celestial sphere region) contains approximately 51 notable stars.)