Shoes all over the world!

Plinio Perez

Shoes are fascinating and they are always worn everyday. Shoes come in different shapes and sizes. They do not all look the same, some are big and some are small. Some shoes are for sports, exercising, school, swimming, and dancing etc. People love showing off shoes to their friends. Showing off shoes is not cool that just proves you wanna make people so jealous of you. They are so important though.
Shoes are so important for everything. People sometimes never find the shoes they want or need. Shoes can come in good qualities and bad qualities cheap or expensive. Shoes that are good qualities mostly are expensive, and those shoes mostly cost about over $200 dollars. They are really helpful. Shoes that are cheap are definitely mostly going to be shoes that are not good qualities. They are good for style but not good for activities.
Shoes are always around the world and they fascinate people with their elegant clothes. But to wrap all of this up its not about showing off, making people jealous or many other things all you need to know is that shoes have been about longer than 100 years. They have been important now and always.

Finally my conclusion is I love shoes and that I always wanted to have to many for every single week and weekend. I hope one day I could own allot of shoes or maybe either a shoe store too.