Mrs. Reuter's Class Chronicles

May 9-13, 2016

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Our Class

Language Arts

This week in Language Arts, we started writing our Tuck Everlasting Essay. First, we watched the film and read the book. Then, we wrote a few similarities and differences about

the novel and film. We also each picked a main character to talk about in our essay. With Mrs. Reuter, we each wrote a thesis statement, that included the main points we were going to talk about. On Thursday, we wrote our first body paragraph- we could either write about the main character in the novel, or similarities in both the novel and film.

We also continued writing poetry. We wrote our color poem. We each picked a color and wrote about what the color would taste like, look like, feel like, and smell like. Then, we wrote an emotion poem. We did the same process. We picked an emotion, and described what it looked like, smelled like, felt like, and tasted like. Lastly, we wrote a Just Because Poem. We picked a topic (Just Because I am a Good Student...). We talked about different stereotypes that people make because of our personality. We will continue to write our poems and finish our Tuck Everlasting Essay next week.

By Maya & Rand


Science this week was full of experiments! On Monday, we filled out a handout. The handout consisted of a couple of drawings on celery, tulips, and cross-section drawings of celery and tulip roots. It also consisted of notes on the other side of the handout. Also, we did a sheet on page 75 of our science notebooks. On the page, we drew a model of how a nutrient travels through a plant and explained it in words. On Wednesday, we drew a Venn diagram on transporting living things, and we compared plants and animals. Also, we did a celery experiment. Mrs. Reuter put a celery stalk into separate blue and red cups. (The celery was split at the bottom.) We made predictions about what was going to happen. What happened was the red water went up the xylem on one side and into the leaves, and the blue water went up the xylem on the other side.

By: Nick & Katie

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies, we learned about the Louisiana Purchase. We learned why Jefferson wanted the territory. He wanted the territory because he wanted the important port city of New Orleans. When he made the deal, it nearly doubled the size of the United States. It was also good because we got it at a cheap price. We also looked at some primary sources where we learned that the Federalists weren't too happy with the Louisana Purchase. On Wednesday, we took a small pop quiz that tested us on what we learned. On Thursday, we learned about the causes and effects of the War of 1812 and watched an episode of America: The Story of Us about the move westward. While we watched it, we filled out questions.

Also this week we made groups and pretended like we were a country. Mrs. Reuter handed out slips to each group with land acquisition problems. As a country, we had to figure out a way to solve those problems, then write a proposal to the United Nations. We also had to do a web quest about the Louisiana Purchase. Social Studies was very fun this week!

By Ethan F. & Diane

ERB Testing

Last week we did ERB testing, which is standardized testing. On Monday, we did a practice test so we would know how to use the app on our iPads. On Tuesday, we did reading comprehension, verbal reasoning, and vocabulary. On Wednesday, we did writing concepts and writing mechanics. On Thursday, we did two math sections. On Friday, finished with quantitive reasoning. The testing was cool because it had technology in it this year. Mrs. Reuter also brought us fun treats each day and printed coloring pages for if we finished early. We love testing and look forward to it next year!

By Amanda & Greta


Art with Ms. Martucci

In Art, this week we did weaving. Weaving is a form of art that uses lace, yarn, and string. The supplies we used to weave were: yarn, three straws, and pipe cleaners. To first start out weaving you take the three straws and tape them together. After you have done that, use the yarn and tie a knot around the first straw. Then, begin weaving your bracelet. There were some students who successfully made their weaving into bracelets. Good job Rod, Amanda, and Maya! You can make other items other than a weaved bracelet. If you're an expert, you can weave baskets, hats, and even toys!

Thanks Mrs. Martucci for teaching us how to weave! Art was fun this week!

By Jessica & Matt

Music with Mrs. Kim (Mr. Mac)

In Music this week, we recorded our music video. The video is with two groups, boys vs. girls, doing a song battle. The boys are doing Me Myself and I, while the girls are doing Bad Blood. The video starts when a boy and a girl stare off at each other and call out their groups. Then, the girls start to lip-sync Bad Blood. When their part is finished, the boys start to walk down the hallway, with the girls following, while singing Me Myself and I. Then, the boys and girls both go to the V Street playground, and keep singing together. At the end, we all sang Let It Go together. Next week, we will be editing our music video. Overall in music this week, it was really fun!

By Tu

PE with Ms. Davis & Mr. Ussery

During PE on Tuesday, we switched to Mr. Ussery. This time we went outside. When we got outside, we did a clean up instead of four warm-up laps. After we did a little clean up we went to the mats where Mr. Ussery was set up. After we all got there he showed us how to do a proper roll for gymnastics. Then he picked four groups of four. The stations were soccer, baseball, football, gymnastics, and basketball. At the gymnastics station, there were also some jump ropes so you could do that instead. At the end, each group missed one station, because we finished early. Then on Thursday in class, we did four warm-up laps in the beginning. We did the same stations as Tuesday, but this time, we picked our groups and everyone got to finish each station.

By Tejal & Morgan

FIERCE Time with Ms. Johnson

This week in FIERCE, it was a work day. Ms. Johnson said that the project was due in a week and that we had to finish most of it today. Several people struggled to do this

because during the previous sessions, they were not on task. Though, most of the class finished most of the project. The project Ms. Johnson assigned us was a recipe book about FIERCE. We had to make a recipe for each letter in FIERCE and write a paragraph about a person who we think follows that attribute. One person did their swim coach for fearless and another person did one of their classmates for enthusiastic. If the students don't finish their project next week, it becomes homework. We will be presenting this project on May 24. We all can't wait to see our peers' presentation and learn about important people in their lives.

By Rod & Ethan H.

Spanish with Señorita Webb

In Spanish, we learned about different Spanish-speaking countries. We were assigned a Spanish speaking country and a partner. We had to find three facts about the country, then translate them into Spanish. We had to present our facts in front of the class. Some people in class had to make three different clocks. They had to put the time into a sentence. We also learned how to make those sentences. We listened to a video to help us remember all of the rules of writing times in Spanish. It is not easy, but Ms. Webb helps us. She also opened the Spanish store. We all have been saving euros. We learned a lot in Spanish this week.

By Abby & Jaina

Coming Up Next

Next week, in Language Arts, we will continue working on our Tuck Everlasting essays. So far, the students have completed their introductions and one body paragraph. We will also continue to work on our Poetry Portfolios. We will be working on three more poems next week: I Am, Biography, and Shape. We will also be learning how to analyze poems and songs for their themes and figurative language. In Science, we will continue to learn about plants. We will be focusing primarily on the leaves and the process of photosynthesis. The students will get to analyze different examples of leaves and perform a short "play" about photosynthesis. On Tuesday, in Social Studies, we will be analyzing some prominent American symbols, such as "The Star-Spangled Banner" and the Seal of the United States. On Thursday, the students will use an iPad app to create a digital timeline of key events from 1800 to present-day. The students will select one event per decade to showcase up until today. Please remember that State Reports are also due on Friday. All components must be uploaded to the SeeSaw app.

Mrs. Reuter

Parents: Try it out!

In Science, we did an experiment with celery and food coloring to understand how plants transport water and nutrients up the xylem to the rest of the plant. You can try a similar experiment at home using white carnations!


  • white carnations
  • glasses
  • water
  • food coloring
  • sharp knife
  • cutting board


  1. Fill each glass with a half cup of water.
  2. Add twenty drops of food coloring to each glass. Try using different colors for each glass.
  3. Stir the food coloring into the water.
  4. Cut the last inch off the stem of a white carnation.
  5. Immediately put the flower in the food coloring.
  6. Do not disturb the flowers. Observe them after 2, 4, 8, 24, and 48 hours, paying special attention to the bottom of the stems and the flower petals.

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