Traveling the World in Food

Bree Shrable


I'm looking forward to seeing the drastic change in cultures as I know there is. I can't wait to try all the spicy foods and see how different Mexican food is in US compared to Mexico. Specifically I'm wanting to try the deserts that are common there since most the Mexican food I've had is Tacos Burritos and other meals. I'd like to try flan because I love moose like desserts and last I'd also like trying Mexican coffee, I've had a can of Mexican coffee and it was actually a lot different than the coffee I'm used to. It wasn't packed with sugar and had a light vanilla and almond flavor. I'd like to see if it actually is like that in Mexico. I can't wait!


I have a friend Hobie who lives in Canada who comes down to the US a lot, so I'm looking forward to trying the foods. I know the culture is a lot different than I expected when he told me about how they don't have to do homework, they go to specialty schools and learn more about the area they are wanting to go into before University and how since theres a mix of cultures a lot of people are very unique. He did tell me about the fries with gravy and although unhealthy I'd like to try it. Bread is also a bigger thing there to being able to try pastry deserts would be great too. Last I'd really like to try Butter Tart Squares and Nanaimo Bars he said they are his favorite and what he misses the most when he comes to the US and with my love of chocolate I'm sure I'd love them too. I will also check niagara falls off my bucket list!

South America

I'm a quarter Mexican so I'm excited to try these foods knowing it will be similar from the foods I've had here but at the same time a lot different since they are two different counties. I know there is a lot of tortilla related foods in South America but I'm excited to try the foods that aren't like that since I really enjoy deserts I'd like to try those. Like the chilean pineapple cake, I know will be a great light an airy taste. I also I know seafood is big there which I'm looking forward to since I love seafood. Also I'd like to try the plantains again since I've had them here in America and would like to see if they taste any different there. The last thing I'm looking forward to is seeing how all the different counties influence the different regions like I know they do.


Majority of me is German and I also know a lot about it since I'm in German class. The biggest thing I want to try is chocolate I know chocolate is big there and love love love chocolate. Also breads and baguettes I'd like to try. I know german cuisine has a lot of hardy food which I like because I like bold flavors that fill me up quickly. I have had potato pancakes and enjoy them and am aware of the big amount of potatoes there are. Two specific things I know I want to try is Spaetzle an egg noodle which I've never had but sounds interesting and sourroast since it sounds like it has a different cooking style than I'm used to! I'm excited to visit during Oktoberfest because its full of traditional german foods, games and music. I am also going to make sure I see the black forest in my opinion one of the prettiest places on the earth.


England being closest probably to US in how they act and culture, I'm glad so it isn't as much as a culture shock. I'm excited to eat and shop there since the food is similar to things I like and a lot of our styles here are the same as there with the same stores. But I'm also interested to see the biggest difference between US and England which is their government I want to see Buckingham palace and Windsor Castle.

Food We Made (England)


France sounds like a completely different place than America so it sounds interesting and being a big lover of bread I'm sure I'll like the food. Germany and France have a lot of similarities but also differences when it comes to cuisine like most German foods are hardyer and French food is a lot more light and enhancing the natural flavor of foods almost more of an art. I look forward to trying their pastry like foods like e'claires but also the lighter foods that I'm not used to that has a whole other cooking style. I also love french baguettes so I'm sure I'll be loading up on carbs there. But lastly I love art so I'm excited to just relax and draw and paint the scenery around me since France has probably some of the prettiest sights in the world

Things We Made (France)



I love italian food and really appreciate the architecture in Italy so I'm excited to go there. I am also interested to see the difference between italian food here and italian food there. I love anything with carbs like bread and pasta so I'm sure I'll love the foods I try! My favorite ice cream I've ever had was Galato from Pinne Galato the flavor "Italian Biscotti cookie" it was actually amazing and completely different than ice cream I've had before it was very rich. But I'm excited to also see the culture in Italy because I know it is stricter when it comes to rules and how they act but at the same time the people there are lively and over the top.


Sicily seems interesting to me because it has a lot of similarities to Italy but at the same time are different. I also know that Sicily is really big with fresh foods which I like and since it is an Island it has a lot of seafood which I love. Sicily's culture is a lot like Italy in that they have big sunday dinners. But also are different. I thought it was interesting that in Sicily they have a bigger lunch, like the things we eat for dinner they would eat for lunch. And have a smaller dinner. Which I'm sure is healthier than what we do in America since it is harder to digest a big meal when you're laying around and go to sleep. Sicily also has a lot of beaches which I'm excited for big meals on the beach! Can't wait to swim!


Greece is a place I've always wanted to go after looking at pictures of white sand like houses with blue roofs up a big hill. It looks beautiful. I have also gotten to know about the culture and how they do things only in the way they like and still keep a lot of traditions. I also didn't realize "my big greek wedding" was truthful in that statement that they really do have big parties there. I would love to go to one of their big barbecues especially because of the seafood they have.


Life in Cyprus is what I look forward to seeing. It is more relaxed and slow paced. Enjoy the little things in life in this little island. The culture is a mix with different places but more closely relates to Greece. I like the family feeling and friendly nice in their culture and will be a great place to visit. Also because I love fish which is very popular there since it is a island and big BBQ's which is also a popular daily event there. This will be a good vacationing spot with the beautiful geography of the cliffs over the clear blue ocean and perfect weather.


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My mom's boyfriends daughter has been to Thailand with her husband and she said she loved the people and the difference in cultures. I'm excited not only because it is a beachie area but because of the wild life with monkeys running everywhere and tropical fish. But also I want to go to Wat Pho a very different temple that is a beautiful site! I also love exploring and this will be the best place to do it. With the caves with the religious background I would love to hike to and relax. I just can't wait to site see.


I CAN'T WAIT. I love sushi so that will be the first thing I do in Japan. I always like trying weird things and I think Japan is full of that not only with food but with fashion, technology and more. Japan is like a whole other world and I can't wait to experience the different culture. They are a lot more polite and strict but at the same time there is a lot of playful fun things with technology, music and fashion. I love the cute candy's and clothes it will be cool to just people watch and see what you see. Of course I also can't wait to shop!


Banana ketchup? Something small and fun I'm looking forward to trying which is a popular item that is used everyday in the Philippines! Also Philippines is a very relaxing and big place for tourists to go so I'm glad I get to relax next to the clear ocean with their high green cliffs it's beautiful. Also something I always worry about with traveling to different countries is the language barrier but I won't have to worry about that this time since the Philippines is the 3rd largest country that speaks English. Also since they like us (the US) more than we like ourselves I won't have to worry about being welcomed like North Korea.



Safari, safari, safari! Can you guess what I'm wanting to do? I've always wanted to go on a wild life safari and Uganda is the place to do it with the widest variety of animals than other parts of Africa I will see giraffes, gorillas, impalas and zebras! There is different geography parts I'll get to see also Uganda is a lot of savannas but also a little bit of rain forests. I could take a grass safari, a nile river safari, even a hot air balloon safari. So out doors will be a big part of my trip but also a think I'm looking forward to checking off my list is trying fried grasshoppers. No it doesn't scare me or gross me out even though it should. I'm all about new things.


I can't wait to see the big sandy hills of Egypt. There will be a lot of site seeing on my trip as most places aren't known for all their art work/architecture that you can't find anywhere else. So I want to go to the sphinx, the Egyptian pyramids and the valley of the kings. These breath taking sites I wouldn't be able to see anything like anywhere! Shopping is something I love so I will also have to visit khan el khalili a district really not like any other city with small shops with beads and hand made clothing and jewelry. Really the only thing I'm not looking forward to is their food. The meats and vegetable dishes don't really appeal to me as much.


Not only am I interested to see how Madagascar is because of the beautiful island it is but also because of the movie! Hahaha I'm planning on relaxing a lot because most of it is vacationing site seeing places. Like avenue of the baobabs which is a cool looking place I have always wanted to take a picture in front of. And one last place I will make sure to go is amber mountain national park, a waterfall surrounded with beautiful green jungle. I am also a fan of plainer food and with rice being one of the most popular dishes there I know I will be happy with a great yet plain taste. I will make sure to end of one of my nights with a slice of vanilla bean cake a popular cake there!

Conclusion of my trips!

After visiting these 17 amazing and different countries I have to say the ones I thought I'd want to go the most that are most known aren't the ones I liked the most. I feel like this is because some of these small places may not have as much as things to do but do have a couple secret places that I would rather go. I thought I would just pick to go to Germany since I am but it wasn't as I expected. My favorite place ended up being Egypt and Thailand two places I never thought I'd like. Egypt I loved because I have never seen anything like it and things you can do there you can't do anywhere else but at the same time they relate to things I like to do now like shop and be out in the sun. Thailand I like because it seems like a very zin relaxing place where you can just take your time and soak in everything around you. I would never go back to Cyprus although it was a very beautiful there wasn't a lot to go probably because of it being such a small island, I think since I'm so used to the US's culture I wouldn't pick anywhere else to live. If i had to I would pick a warmer part in France because it is slower pace than US but I'm happy I was born in the US because I know so many people wish they were.