The Barcode Tattoo

By Suzanne Weyn


In the future (2025) a girl name Kayla finds herself running from the law, the bar code tattoo a tattoo that has everyone acting weird the tattoo that seems to be changing everyone's life and is supposed to make life easier but she disagrees and joins the decode group, but when she sees her mother trying to burn it off her wrist and burns the house down in the process kayla is blamed for it and she becomes a fugitive tand needs to run for her life



in the year 2025

home to: Kayla






and Ashley

in a futuristic town with moving side walks and stuff

Whiteface Mountain

Home to:

Eutonah (part of the Decode group)

This is where kayla comes when she is considered a criminal in her home town and to get away from the barcode tattoo the people there have psychic abilities

Main Charachters

Why i would recommend it

if you live sci-fi/ adventure books i would recommend this book because its adventurous but the book doesn't really leave you with a solution since its a series so that the only problem i have with this book but over all its a really good book