Christianity, Judism, Hiduism, Buddism, Islam


Christianity is a religion that follows the teachings of Jesus and God in the bible (the holy book) . Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Christianity is monotheistic and believe that there is only one God. Some special holidays Christianity celebrates is Christmas (December 25) which is Jesus' birthday and Easter which is the day of Jesus Christ resurrection. The holy place of Christianity is Jerusalem. These are beliefs of Christians

  • Love God with all your heart, soul and mind.

  • Love your neighbor as yourself.

  • Christians also seek to follow the ten commandments God gave Moses to give the Israelites:

  • Worship no other God but me.

  • Do not make images to worship.

  • Do not misuse the name of God.

  • Observe the Sabbath Day (Sunday, for Christians). Keep it Holy.

  • Honor and respect your father and mother.

  • Do not murder.

  • Do not commit adultery.

  • Do not steal.

  • Do not acuse anyone falsely. Do not tell lies about other people.

  • Do not envy other's possessions.

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Judaism is a religion that follows there one god (monotheistic) Tetragrammaton. The holy book of the Jewish is the Torah. The Jewish wear a special hat called the Kippah when praying, eating and some other things. Hanukkah is a eight day holiday celebrated around Christmas time for the Jews. The holy place of Judaism is Jerusalem

•Worship no other God but me.
•Do not make images to worship.
•Do not misuse the name of God.
•Observe the Sabbath Day (Saturday). Keep it Holy.
•Honor and respect your father and mother.
•Do not murder.
•Do not commit adultery.
•Do not steal.
•Do not accuse anyone falsely. Do not tell lies about other people.
• Do not envy other's possessions.

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Hinduism is a polytheistic religion, the 3 most important Gods are Brahma, Vishnu, and Shava. There is not one holy book there is Bhagavad-Gita, Ramayana and Veda. However, the prime book is the Bhagavad-Gita and is part of the Mahabharata. There is many holidays in the Hindu religion but a big one is
  • Krishna Jayanti - birthday of Lord Krishna (July-August).

One of the ancient holy towns of Hindus is

  1. Ayodhya

  1. Hindus believe in a one, all-pervasive Supreme Being who is both immanent and transcendent, both Creator and Unmanifest Reality.
  2. Hindus believe in the divinity of the four Vedas, the world's most ancient scripture, and venerate the Agamas as equally revealed. These primordial hymns are God's word and the bedrock of Sanatana Dharma, the eternal religion.
  3. Hindus believe that the universe undergoes endless cycles of creation, preservation and dissolution.
  4. Hindus believe in karma, the law of cause and effect by which each individual creates his own destiny by his thoughts, words and deeds.
  5. Hindus believe that the soul reincarnates, evolving through many births until all karmas have been resolved, and moksha, liberation from the cycle of rebirth, is attained. Not a single soul will be deprived of this destiny.
  6. Hindus believe that divine beings exist in unseen worlds and that temple worship, rituals, sacraments and personal devotionals create a communion with these devas and Gods.
  7. Hindus believe that an enlightened master, or satguru, is essential to know the Transcendent Absolute, as are personal discipline, good conduct, purification, pilgrimage, self-inquiry, meditation and surrender in God.
  8. Hindus believe that all life is sacred, to be loved and revered, and therefore practice ahimsa, noninjury, in thought, word and deed.
  9. Hindus believe that no religion teaches the only way to salvation above all others, but that all genuine paths are facets of God's Light, deserving tolerance and understanding.

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Buddhism is polytheistic. While there is not a "god" Buddhists worship the Buddha and things of that sort. The Buddhist have a holy book called the Tripitaka. A major holiday is Vesak the birthday of the Buddha. Lumbini is the holy place as to where Buddha was born.

These are the major beliefs of Buddhism

  1. Do not harm or kill living things.

  2. Do not take things unless they are freely given.

  3. Lead a decent life.

  4. Do not speak unkindly or tell lies.

  5. Do not abuse drugs or drink alcohol.

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Islam is monotheistic, there god is Allah. The holy book studied is the Quran. A major holiday which is used for fasting is Ramadan. Mecca is considered the holy city for Islam. The major beliefs are

•Belief in one God (Allah).

•Belief in the Angels.

•Belief in the holy books sent to all the prophets including Torah that was revealed to the prophet Moses, Bible that was revealed to the prophet Jesus, and Qur'an (Koran) that was revealed to the prophet Muhammad.

•Belief in all the prophets sent by God including Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. Although Muslims believe in Isa or Jesus they don't think of Jesus as the Son of God the way Christians do.

•Belief in the Day of Judgment and life after death. The best reward for performing good deeds is getting closer to God.

•Belief in divine decree. This means that God is all-powerful and nothing can happen without His permission, however, he has given human beings freedom to choose whether to be good or bad. In the end, everyone will be questioned about how they lived in this life.

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