An all new way of learning and teaching!

Presentation By: Nicholas Ogburn

This is a database where you make a lesson in a news flier form.

On the database you can add pictures, text, audio, and you can even embed a link!

Then if you want to make your presentation look fancier you can add a gallery, videos, and a button that you click to go to a new page!

When you are wanting to add anything new onto the flier you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on the item you want added. Then it might give you a choice of what kind you want, and once you choose your preferred kind it will pop up.

Then when you want to delete something you can hover over the right corner of the over all box of that item and a "X" will appear. When you click it, it will then say "remove" and if you hit remove, it is gone.

Then if you want to move stuff around you just click, then drag the box where you want it to be.