PCC's Blanket Covid Policy

As of 1/21/22

Blanket Covid Policy

Pittsford Community Church (PCC) will carry on in its work in submission to our governing authorities to the best of our interpretation and understanding. This will always be the case unless the elders and leadership at PCC determine that governmental restrictions or mandates undermine our freedom to worship God. This position is taken in accordance with the truth of God’s Word and its authority over us, including our personal and political convictions (Rom. 12&13, 1 Pt. 2).

We reserve the right to communicate our compliance through posted signage and other forms of communication.

Should a person(s) choose to act contrary to the restrictions or mandates passed down by civil government, we would ask them to consider submission and obedience to the spiritual authority of the church and its elders as that, too, has been instituted by God (Hebrews 13:17,

1 Thessalonians 5:12).

Should a person(s) still feel strongly enough in their consciences that disobedience to human authority is the best way to honor and submit to God’s authority, then so be it. We also recognize that some cannot mask for medical reasons.

Regardless of masking or vaccination status, all who desire to gather for services or other PCC sponsored events are welcome to attend. In extenuating circumstances, PCC does reserve the right to implement strategies to protect public health.

Individual groups and non-PCC sponsored gatherings are encouraged to follow the PCC Covid policy while using the building.

Adapted 1/21/22