Alicia, Haley, McKenzie, and Elizabeth

Murder of Jack Parrish

On November 19, Jack Parrish was found dead at the Lovett School. Jack is a Math and English teacher at the Lovett School for sixth grade. When he was found his body temperature was 88.1. His official time of death was at 4:30 p.m. on November 19, 2014. Jack was killed by one of four people. The suspects were: John Rice, Erin Dixon, Kelly Lecceardone, or Andy Sayles. Now it is our turn to figure out who committed the murder.
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Kelly Lecceardone

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Clues 4, 10, 11, and 6

This is a photo of the table Mr. Parrish was working at before he died.
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Who was the murder?

The answer to this is: Ms. Kelly Lecceardone.

Now, you are probably asking "how do you know it was her?" Well, it was her because of the bitter almonds and where she was at the time. Ms. Lecceardone lives about 20 mins from Lovett with traffic. Therefore she had time to give Mr. Parrish the almonds, leave, and still get home to be playing with Gino at 4:30 on November 19. The bitter almonds contain a poison called Cyanide which takes about 30 minutes to kill someone. This is perfect timing. Since Mr. Parrish died at 4:30 and Ms. Lecceardone gave him the almonds at 4 this makes perfect since. Ms. Dixon, Mr. Sayles, and Mr. Rice are all innocent.

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Blood Detection Lab

In this lab, we tested two objects that the police found with the suspects. Ms. Dixion's was real blood and Mr. Rice's was fake. We found out the possible blood types for the suspects using punnett squares. The results were as follows:

Mr. Sayles- O

Ms. Dixon- AB

Ms. Lecceardone- B or O

Mr. Rice- A.

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Hair Analysis Lab

In this lab, we tested all of the suspects hair with the hair found in the crime scene. It could have been Dixon, but Ms. Lecceardone drove her home so she could have taken some hair that she shed in her car.
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Crime Scene Blood Type Lab

In this lab, we tested the blood that was found in the crime scene. The blood matched Mr. Rice, but this could have been a cover up for Ms. Lecceardone so that it was not so obvious that she committed the murder.
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Fingerprint Lab

We tested all of the fingerprints found in the lab, and the ones we found matched Ms. Lecceardone. The police took fingerprints from all of the suspects, and the only one who matched was Mrs. Lecceardone.
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Powder Analysis Lab

The poison was Cyanide, which is found in bitter almonds. The bitter almonds belonged to Ms. Lecceardone, who lied about them having healing powers.
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We calculated the math and the Cyanide would have been given at 4 November 19, Arsenic at 1:30 November 19 and Amanita Phalloides at 4:30 on November 19.

Cyanide: 180/30

---------- === 1/2 hr

(3) (4)

Arsenic: (30/30) 6/2= 3 hrs

Amanita Phalloides:

360 30

---- ----- = 120 hours

30 3