Stress Information

Anything and everything about stress

Types of stressors

There are many different types of stressors. Family stressors can include changes in the family dynamic or a financial crisis. Environmental stressors include your work setting and anywhere else you might be often.

Benefits of stress

Stress is not just a bad thing, some stress can be beneficial. This can be that it helps to motivate you to get your homework done, or to keep yourself healthy.
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Consequences of stress

Though there are good things about stress, there are many bad things that can arise from stress. You could have panic attacks in which it is hard to breathe. Also if you are already sick and you become stressed things could go from bad to worse quickly.

Signs and Symptoms of stress

A few signs and symptoms of stress is an increase of your heart rate, respiratory rate, and also an elevated blood pressure. Anxiety is also a symptom of stress, and it comes in different levels each level more severe than the last.

Primary Prevention

The primary prevention of stress is to reduce, control, or limit the sources of stress present in your life. This may include, going into a quiet room by yourself if your family is making causing you stress.

Secondary Prevention

Secondary prevention of stress is aimed at training yourself to deal with stress or providing strategies of dealing with stress. An example would be practicing deep breaths when you feel yourself start to stress about any number of things.
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Tertiary Prevention

Tertiary prevention is aimed at treating and rehabilitating those who have dealt with some type of major crisis. Examples would be giving counseling or referring them to a specialist for help.

Defense Mechanisms

Defense mechanisms help to protect your self esteem and if used in excess can be be bad. Compensation, denial, repression, regression, and rationalization are a few examples of types of defense mechanisms.

Stress Management Techniques

Stress management techniques are used to help someone who has stress to deal and keep that stress under control. These include relaxation, meditation, and guided feedback. Any of these are great ways to manage your stress, but they may not work for you, you will have to experiment with them to see which best helps you.