By Andrew Barber and Austin Gentner

Defining Apartheid

Apartheid was a name given for the racial segregation between African Americans and whites.

Laws/ Rights

Under Apartheid, blacks had very little rights. Blacks were not able to vote, and had little right blacks protested and many were killed during protests.

Government leaders

Whites were in power. whites were allowed to vote. Blacks were not. there were no black presidents or leaders. First black leader was Mandela. Blacks had little or no rights. were not allowed to vote. could not become president


In Apartheid, blacks suffered economically. During the 1930's and 1940's South Africa experienced and economic growth, industrialization, and urbanization. Blacks had very little variations of jobs and most blacks were very poor. Blacks did not have great food varieties and most blacks had very little amount of food to survive and live.


In Apartheid, blacks were segregated from the whites. Only whites went to school and blacks had very little school options to choose from. Therefore most blacks were uneducated. Blacks were treated poorly by whites and blacks were segregated. Many blacks were killed during the Sharpville massacre and 1,000 plus were confirmed dead.

South Africa now

After ending Apartheid, blacks had more rights, were not segregated and did not suffer economically. Now in Africa, blacks were the major and whites were the minority. Blacks had been given more rights and were just as equal as the whites. There is no more segregation between blacks and whites. Blacks are now allowed to vote, get good education and have good jobs.