Justin Bieber

Purpose World Tour 2016


Did you think that Justin Bieber fell off the face of the planet? Well, SURPRISE...he didn't. He is still alive and is still making music. He just recently announced his Purpose World Tour starting in the spring of 2016. He will be touring all over the country and will be breaking hearts once again of people of all ages. His new album, Purpose just came out in November 2015. Justin has connected with his audience and has people falling in love with him all over again.
The following video will give you the chills. Justin has made a dramatic comeback and gives his listeners pressing advice about life towards the very end of this song. Stay tuned!
Justin Bieber - Purpose (Lyrics Video) HD

Purpose Soundtrack

1. Mark My Words

2. I'll Show You

3. What Do You Mean

4. Sorry

5. Love Yourself

6. Company

7. Life Is Worth Living

8. Children

9. Purpose

10. Been You

11. Get Used To It

12. Trust

13. All In It

14. No Pressure

15. The Feeling

16. We Are

17. No Sense

About Justin

Born on March 1st, this Canadian singer has made quite the career. Only being 21 years old, he has held two world tours and is hosting yet another world tour next spring, 2016. If you are a Belieber, you would be more than excited to attend his world tour with his new and exciting soundtracks. Justin was the first singer to have seven of his songs from a debut record on the Billboard Hot 100.