Human Rights Violations in China

By: Laith K.

About The Human Rights Violations

There have been several human rights that were broken in China. For awhile now, China has been having many rules that "constrict" the citizens of their rights. Human Rights are the rights given to you at birth like freedom of speech and our right to live. Some of the things the Chinese Government has done is watch people on the internet, ban websites, give unfair treatment to prisoners, and even restrict the amount of children in a family. Everybody is making an effort to help the people of China earn their freedom. For more information on what's going on in China, check check out the rest of the poster.

China's One Child Policy Violates Human Rights

China's One Child Policy is violating human rights. China has had the One Child Policy for several years. The one child policy restricted parents from having one or more child due to a large population. An expert named; Alexa Olesen, stated, "Too Many People!" (Olesen, 2) This is true because there are over one billion people living in China. That is far too many for a country of that size. Though the One Child Policy might soon end. Olesen also stated; "Experts and the public have been pushing for a phasing-out of the policy for years (it was never designed to be a permanent rule), so it's exciting to finally see movement in that direction" (Olesen, 3) This movement has been around for years, now it is finally gone. See how other people have helped. Several helped to persuade China to uplift the policy, and it happened! You too can also help to make a difference in the world. Just speak out!

Other Human Rights That Have Been Violated

The one child policy in China is not the only thing that's violated human rights, but there are many other things. China has done things like banning websites, observing people in the internet (right to privacy), and give harsh punishments for very simple acts. One website China has banned is FaceBook. I once had lunch with Chinese exchange students and asked them if they had a Facebook. They all started looking confused as if they didn't know what I was talking about. If you want to hear about some harsh punishments China has done, just ask Chen Guancheng. He was put in house arrest and put in very harsh conditions. He stated "No one was allowed to even visit me" (Guancheng). Chen couldn't see anybody. He also stated "I hadn't felt the sun in years" He wasn't even allowed to step outside! Fortunately, the U.S. was able to help escape his prison. Thanks to the help of many, he was able to escape. You too can also help others acheive human rights. It's not that hard either, you can speek against a bully or help out a friend in need. Try it, everyone is doing it and so should you!