Athens the Best City-State

By: Will Zachman, Dante Maurice, and Audry Roughgarden


Athens is the best city-state because of it’s well structured government and exemplary education. Athens is one of the many ancient Greek city-states, but none were better than Athens. Many city-states rivaled with Athens, especially Sparta, a terrible city-state. Sparta was arrogant and very brutal when Athens spent a lot of time spreading creativity and knowledge throughout the world like a wildfire. All Sparta focused on was war, war, and more war. Barely taking breaks, barely eating, and barely resting, all they did was prepare for war and staying fit. It was about 42 years of serving in the military and it didn’t stop there they either became military officials or worked in the government. Athens was the most important city-state of Ancient Greece because of it’s government (democracy), our education because we taught many things such as reading, writing, arithmetic, and literature, and our beautiful art in our city-state.

Athens is the best



As you can see, Athens was the most important city-state of Ancient Greece because of its democracy, our education due to the many things we taught like language arts, and arithmetic, and everything else we have that is awesome and better than Sparta. In Sparta, you had to be in the army possibly your entire life. They just focused on war, and that is terrible. Athens spread knowledge and culture were as Sparta was snarky and arrogant. Sparta was one of many rivals Athens had, and we were always at Sparta’s necks. But, as proven, Athens was the better city-state, and still is.