Let DHMO Stay!

By: Alex Smith

Should DHMO be banned?

Dihydrogen Monoxide, otherwise known as water, should not be banned. After all, how can anything live without water?
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DHMO is amazing!

It provides us with the necessary fluids we need to live. It gives other forms of life what they need to live so that way we have food to sustain ourselves. It gives us energy and assists us in getting rid of the waste that resides within our bodies. It's the base for the building blocks of life! It also allows us to have fun and can provide us with clean power, so why would you want to get rid of this amazing substance?

Do you want to promote DHMO?

If you feel like this is a cause worth fighting for, you should promote it to help it stay legal! Instead of calling water water, call it DHMO or Dihydrogen Monoxide! That will get people to realize what it really is: the thing that gives them life!