Mastery Connect Agenda

Let's get "connected"!

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Learn how to create a tracker & add a class from SIS

Learn how to add an assessment & then, add to your tracker(s)

Learn how to pull reports and analytic s

Learn how to create a curriculum map & resource pins/board


This is what you first see when you log in.

You can edit your profile, upload your photo so that as you connect with other educators (both from our school and others throughout the MC community), you can get to "know" them.

Mastery Tracker Tab

Let's take a look at what you will do in this tab:

  • how to add a tracker with your classes from SIS (iNOW)
  • set up mastery levels (There are only 3 levels, but as you set them up, they should be common to your Academic Team. **See next section-Scoring)
  • how to pull reports (we will come back to this after the next section)

Common Assessment Tab

Let's look at how to add an assessment.

  • Assessment Source (needs to be a pdf or Word doc; **ExamView tests)
  • Scoring (this is where Proficiency levels are set; determined by Academic Team)
  • Add an assessment to a tracker

Curriculum Maps (under Mastery Tracker Tab)

  • How to create (this should be done as an Academic Team)
  • Creating a Benchmark & linking to a Curriculum Map

Resource Pins

Similar to Pinterest boards

  • What is a pin?
  • How to make a pin & attach to a curriculum map