September 2022 Message

From The Glen Meadow Middle School

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Welcome Back to School!

September 6th is almost upon us and we are beyond excited to welcome (back) our Glen Meadow Middle School students. The sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade years are some of the most exciting times in the life of a child! We hope that your child(ren) will find this school year one that is full of enriching activities and rewarding experiences. The 2022-2023 school year promises to be a positive, productive, and memorable one!

Many exciting events await us during the month of September! Students arrive on September 6th and will have the opportunity to meet their teachers, counselors, case managers, and the administrative team. School pictures are scheduled for Friday, September 16th, (Photo Packages and Photo Prices), and Back to School Night for parents/guardians is on Thursday, September 22nd. For a full list of all Glen Meadow happenings, please visit the GMMS/VTSD Calendar HERE.

On Tuesday, September 20th and Wednesday, September 21st, all sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students will be taking the Start Strong Assessment in Math and Language Arts during an extended homeroom. On Thursday, September 22nd, sixth-grade students will be taking the Start Strong Science Assessment during periods one and two.

As always, we are here to work alongside you and your child(ren) throughout the school year. If you should ever have any questions or concerns about your child's education, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Together, we are stronger! When the school and home collaborate and communicate, we are all working towards one common goal - a successful school year for your child. Thank you for partnering with us throughout the 2022-2023 school year.

Jacquelyn M. Van Orden, Principal

Eric W. Kosek, Assistant Principal

21st Century Community Learning Center at GMMS!

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The 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) is an after-school program that provides students with academic enrichment opportunities that will offer support beyond the classroom curriculum. Students will receive homework support and a nutritional snack each day. The 21st CCLC allows students to explore STEM, Physical Fitness, and Visual and Performing Arts activities, including but not limited to Theatre, Robotics, Engineering, and Culinary Arts. Students will also have the opportunity to attend field trips within the community to work with key stakeholders of this initiative. The Farm at Glenwood Mountain and The Painted Grape have partnered with Glen Meadow Middle School’s 21st CCLC. In addition, there will be a Parent University component which will provide workshops for parents/guardians and will also allow students to showcase their learning activities.

The program will officially begin on Monday, September 19, 2022, and will run Monday through Friday, immediately after school from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm with parent/guardian pick up. Please note that on days that the school is closed or if we have called for an early dismissal, the program will not be in session. The 21st Century Community Learning Center is only available to 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students residing in Vernon Township and is at no cost to families.

Should you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact Glen Meadow Middle School at (973) 764-4534. We are excited to provide this engaging and enriching learning experience for your child and are looking forward to all of the incredible adventures that await.

Governor’s Teacher of the Year and Governor’s Educational Services Professional of the Year

Please consider nominating:

  • (1) Glen Meadow Middle School teacher for the annual NJDOE's Governor’s Teacher of the Year (GEOY); and

  • (1) Glen Meadow Middle School educational services professional for the Governor’s Educational Services Professional (ESP) of the Year.

Last year’s well-deserving recipients were Mrs. Marianne Amato, 8th Grade Science Teacher, and Mrs. Veronica Dignan-Corbutt, Anti-Bullying Specialist.

Each nominee should be someone who:

  • inspires students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn;

  • serves as an exceptionally skilled and dedicated educator;

  • expresses themselves in an engaging and articulate way;

  • plays an active role in the community as well as the school;

  • demonstrates leadership and innovation in and outside the school; and

  • has the respect and admiration of students, parents/guardians, and colleagues.

Please submit the GEOY/ESP form to nominate a Glen Meadow Middle School Educator and/or Educational Services Professional for the 2022-2023 Governor’s Educator of the Year Recognition Program. Nomination letters are due to Mrs. Van Orden (either in hard copy or digital form) no later than Wednesday, November 2, 2022.

As per NJDOE, Educational Service Professionals include:
Associate School Library Media Specialist • Behavior Specialist • Bullying Specialist • Cooperative Education Coordinator • Cooperative Education Coordinator / Hazardous Occupations • Director of School Counseling Services / Child Study Team • Educational Interpreter • Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant • Mathematics Specialist / Mathematics Coach • Paraprofessional (Instructional) • Reading Specialist / Reading Coach • School Athletic Trainer • School Counselor • School Library Media Specialist • School Nurse • School Occupational Therapist • School Physical Therapist • School Psychologist • School Social Worker • Speech-Language Specialist • Student Assistance Coordinator

Self-Care September 2022

Self-care isn't selfish, it's essential. This month we're encouraging everyone to be kinder to themselves (as well as others), especially when things don't go as we plan. Self-care increases our resilience and helps us get more out of life. It also helps us accept others as they are too. Please take a moment to peruse the calendar below and see how many actions you are able to take part in this month!

~obtained from:

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Glen Meadow Middle School Schedules

This document includes schedules for a Regular Day, an Early Dismissal Day, a Delayed Opening Day, and the A Week/B Week Schedule for Glen Meadow Middle School.

Glen Meadow Middle School Clubs and Activities

Clubs and Activities are a great way for students to get involved! Please review the after-school offerings at GMMS. If you have any specific questions, please email the club advisor by clicking on their name within this document.

Glen Meadow Middle School Basic School Supply List

Please click on the button above for the Glen Meadow Middle School School Supply List for the 2022-2023 school year.

Glen Meadow Middle School Calendar

Please click on the button above for the GMMS Calendar for the 2022-2023 school year.

Glen Meadow Middle School SCA

Please click on the button above to access the GMMS SCA website to learn about all of the amazing things the GMMS SCA does for our faculty, staff, and students!

Follow Glen Meadow Middle School on Twitter

Please click on the button above to follow the official Twitter page for GMMS (@GMMSVikings).

Vernon Township School District Calendar

Please click on the button above to access the VTSD Calendar for the 2022-2023 school year.

Random Drug Testing in Grades 7 and 8

This information is being shared with our families, should you wish to opt your 7th or 8th-grade child in for voluntary random drug testing. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Scott Waleck, RDT Coordinator, at (973) 764-6106.

Arrival and Dismissal Times at GMMS

Students at GMMS will arrive at Glen Meadow at approximately 8:05 am daily and buses will depart the school at the end of the day at approximately 3:00 pm. Daily parent/guardian drop-off time will be at 8:05 am and pick-up time will be at 2:50 pm if your child does not take the bus. Please click HERE for Glen Meadow’s daily schedules.
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Counselor Assignments

Counselors at Glen Meadow Middle School are assigned according to each student's grade level. The counselor assignments for the 2022-2023 school year are as follows:

6th Grade:

7th Grade:

8th Grade:

Restorative Practices at GMMS

Restorative Practices in Education encourage supportive and respectful behaviors and promote self-regulation. Day-to-day encounters impact a school’s climate and culture and ultimately play a large role in a student's social and academic outcomes.

Students thrive in learning environments where they feel supported and heard. A restorative approach focuses on building and maintaining positive relationships across the entire school community. At Glen Meadow Middle School, all faculty and staff aim to create an atmosphere of respect, inclusion, cooperation, accountability, and responsibility.

At Glen Meadow Middle School, we:

  • value relationships
  • model empathy and respect
  • value student voice and utilize collaborative problem solving
  • recognize the importance of learning from experience
  • use active listening and positive language and tone
  • foster self-awareness in our middle school students
  • remain future-focused.

The Glen Meadow Way

#TheGlenMeadowWay is built on three core principles:

  • Respect Yourself and Others
  • Take Responsibility for Your Actions
  • Reach Your 100%

Hall Locker Assignments

Homeroom teachers will be assigning hall lockers to students on the first two days of school. Students must store their backpacks/bookbags in their lockers but are free to use a string bag, should they so choose. Students will be encouraged to utilize their lockers during AM homeroom, before lunch, after lunch, and at the end of the day. Gym lockers and locker rooms will be utilized during the 2022-2023 school year, thus students will be changing for Physical Education. More information will follow from your child's PE teachers this week.


Please note that Glen Meadow Middle School will implement "stay-to-the-right" hallway procedures this year. As students take time to acclimate to navigating the building, tardies to class (within reason) will be forgiven during the first week of school.

Cell Phones

Cell phones must be kept in lockers during the school day. Should your child need to call home, or should you need to reach your child, please contact the main office at (973) 764-8981. Please refer to page 23 in the Parent/Guardian/Student Handbook for additional information regarding cell phones, earbuds, etc. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Water Filling Stations

Although water fountains are being utilized at Glen Meadow Middle School this year, students are encouraged to bring a labeled refillable water bottle to school daily. GMMS water bottle fillings stations are available on both the first and second floors.

School Meal Changes for 2022-2023

The School Nutrition Association has created a short video for families that outlines the school meal changes for the 2022-2023 school year. The video is one minute in length and is available for viewing in both English and Spanish.

Thank You, GMMS SCA!

A very special thank you to the GMMS SCA for all that they do for the students, faculty, and staff at Glen Meadow Middle School!

Please consider joining us at the first SCA meeting of the year, on Wednesday, September 21st at 10:45 am, in the GMMS Faculty Room. To view the SCA Welcome Letter, please click HERE. In addition, please click HERE for all of the wonderful happenings and fundraisers on behalf of the GMMS SCA!

Mark Your Calendars...

Parents and Guardians are invited to attend the Glen Meadow Middle School Back to School Night on Thursday, September 22nd at 6:30 pm. Please follow the attached schedule HERE. Join us for an informative evening with the GMMS faculty and staff. We look forward to seeing you!

Upcoming Community Events

September 11th Remembrance Ceremony

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Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program (ages 12-21)

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In closing...

We want you to know that we look forward to the start of the 2022-2023 school year. We are honored and grateful to have the opportunity to work alongside you and your child(ren) this year. If there is anything we can do to assist in making this year a successful one, please do not hesitate to contact us. #TheGlenMeadowWay #GMMSinspirekindness

All our best,

The Faculty and Staff of Glen Meadow Middle School