Invasive Species

Dutch Elm disease

Type of organism?

Dutch Elm disease is a type of fungi, It originated from europe and north america. It spreads from tree to tree by insects that travel and live in those trees.New England, south to central Georgia, and westerly to many areas of the Midwest, the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains and finally to the Pacific Coast. In NC it has killed high value trees.

How to get rid of it?

Use Direct-Inject System - the only no-drill tree trunk injection method. It’s easy, fast, proven effective and tree friendly.Take care of trees using Direct-Inject chemicals to control disease, insects and pests; improve tree health; and manage tree growth.

Managament plan

The only way to stop the spread of Dutch elm disease through root grafts is by physically breaking the root connections between the infected tree and the healthy tree.

Frequently asked questions

  1. an official Notification Letter explaining what steps you need to take to prevent the spread of Dutch elm disease
  2. Dutch elm disease and Removal
  3. Dutch elm disease Form and a Map showing the location of the infected trees
  4. List of Licensed Tree Contractors
  5. List of Disposal Sites
  6. Copy of Eagan's Shade Tree Disease Control and Prevention Ordinance 10.20
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