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Information about the French Climate

A France Travel Certificate is a vital document that certifies your health and must be applied for before you travel to France. This record contains all relevant information about your current health, including contacts and vaccinations. So if you're still thinking about that old question: do I need a vaccination to travel to France? The answer is no.

There is no requirement for a travel document to have a list countries which are allowed to issue them. You do not have to get the recommended vaccine against the diseases that are included in the list. These diseases are more likely to spread among tourists, however. The French authorities has been reminded by international agencies such as the United Nations, Red Cross, and the World Health Organization (WHO) to take necessary measures to prevent the entry and spread of the swine flu (a highly contagious strain of influenza), hepatitis B virus, and syphilis. These diseases account for more than 50% of all cases this year.

A France Travel Certificate certifies that you have received all the immunizations required to enter the country. The document also shows that you have received the hepatitis B vaccination, yellow fever vaccine, and the malaria vaccination. Anyone traveling to these countries must have the required vaccines. You will need the France Travel Certificate and a Confirmation of Permanent Resident (impact document) from French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A France Travel Certificate, as mentioned above, also proves that you have been vaccinated for entry to the country. If your name is not on this green list, your confirmation of permanent residence won't be accepted. Getting your France Travel Certificate will entitle you entry free of charge into the French territories without any charges. A typical tourist who plans to visit France will get a France Travel Certificate so that he/she can easily get a visa and ticket to the most popular destinations in France such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and many more. Usually, tourist can enter and leave the country free of any charges within a given period of validity.

On sunday, the european governments approved amendments to the legislative powers of the parliament. According to the new legislation, the Parliament will now be able to limit the powers of the president by way of a two-thirds majority, instead of the present one at five-thirds. These reforms were made to balance the powers in the Chamber of Deputies. The centre-right government party was in favor and the left-wing socialists against. In the meantime, the government can also change laws with a two-thirds majority, instead of five thirds.