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Have you always wanted to travel to an island different than your typical tropical island in Florida? Or maybe you’ve wanted to go, but you’ve never known what to do on your trip. Prince Edward Island Canada is filled with fun activities to do and things to see like cool beaches, beautiful hiking trails and Anne of Green Gables inspired sites. Sometimes finding things to do on your trip can be rather difficult. That where I come in to help your vacation become fun for everyone by partaking in delightful and scenic activities in Prince Edward Island Canada.
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Anne of Green Gables

If you’ve ever read the book Anne of Green Gables by L.M Montgomery, Prince Edward Island has many attractions and activities that will definitely interest you and bring back memories of the beloved classic that takes place on the beautiful island of Prince Edward. First off, a recent article claims that The Anne of Green Gables Museum Heritage Place is the house and property that inspired L.M Montgomery to write Anne of Green Gables. This site is visited by thousands of fans of the Anne of Green Gables every year. Secondly, the article also claims that Avonlea Village in Cavendish in Prince Edward Island is a delightful site to visit in PEI. Avonlea is the town where Anne of Green Gables takes place in. Filled with many restaurants and shops such as, Red Island Baked Potato, Doughnuts by Design, and Anne of Green Gables chocolates. Furthermore, the article claims,“The Anne of Green Gables Museum at the beautiful Campbell Homestead, is a museum dedicated to the life and works of the author of Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery. View the many artifacts and places that she wrote about such as the Lake of Shining Waters, Anne's Enchanted Bookcase and a unique collection of the author's belongings.” The Anne of Green Gables Museum is a wonderful place to visit while in PEI. To conclude, PEI has many things Anne of Green Gables related that will sure keep you busy in Prince Edward Island.

Prince Edward Island Parks

One of the easiest ways to take in the beauty of Prince Edward Island is trekking through the many parks Prince Edward Island contains. To start off, according to the official website for Prince Edward Island, the text states,“The Island has dozens of smaller community parks, as well, which you can use as your destination or as a place to stop and rest along the way.” Prince Edward Island has many small community parks that have playgrounds, picnic areas and restrooms to use for you convenience while enjoying you time. Also, according to the same text, Prince Edward Island has 26 provincial parks that include trails, campsites and more. The article claims that each provincial park is different in its own way and own beauty. Lastly, the article indicates that Prince Edward Island has a National Park named, Prince Edward Island National Park. The park is 60km along the coast of Prince Edward Island. The park contains some of the islands most beautiful sites of nature to hike through. Overall, Prince Edward Island contains many beautiful parks to hike through and see the many wonders that Prince Edward Island holds.


Prince Edward Island also has many beaches for you to do many fun activities, swim or simply take a stroll down the beach. First off, according to a recent article, the beaches in Prince Edward Island are just simply breathtaking. Filled with many exciting sites like sand that “sings”, sea glass beaches, and red sandstone cliffs, make these beaches just a beautiful place to be. Next, the text says,“Whether you prefer napping in the sun, splashing in the water, building a sandcastle, enjoying a leisurely stroll, or capturing that unforgettable sunset, there's a beach that's perfect for it.” Prince Edward Island has many activities on its beaches for you to enjoy. Last but not least, the text shows that Cabot, Panmure or Red Point or Cavendish beaches all have campgrounds. You can use these campsites to be able to wake up with the sound of the rolling waves in the background. To conclude, the beaches in Prince Edward Island are extremely beautiful and have many fun activities and things to do for you to enjoy.

Visit Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is a very beautiful island and is filled with many entertaining things for you and your friends or family enjoy on your trip. Why go to your average tropical island when you can visit the beauty and charm of Prince Edward Island.