The Prairie World's Fair

Students at Prairie Middle School recreate the World's Fair

Preparing for the World's Fair

After two full weeks of hard work and studying, the 8th Grade students of Prairie Middle School display their projects of their World's Fair inventions on October 26th, 20112. It is evident that some students procrastinated while others hard work had payed off. In the library of Prairie Middle School, projects ranging from dynamite to aquariums, were in english and a few were even in spanish! Some projects contained little information but that was brushed away by the amazing models they had created, others had tons of imformation but werent very creative therefore werent very liked, also, some werent ver cool or had much information and lastly some were extremely cool and had lots of imformation. The difference between an awesome project and a boring one is simply just the way the student interpreted the assingment, did they just go along with the rubric or did they think outside of the box. Overall, the majority of students gave it their all on their recreation of the !983's World's Fair.

Para Ponerse en los Pantalones Vaqueros

Levi Strauss y Co.

Un proyecto que la gente observo mucho en la Prairie World's Fair en Octubre 26, 2012, es el exhibir V507. Este exhibir es por una estudiante llamada Natalie Williams y sobre los pantolones vaqueros, Levi Strauss y Co. Este proyecto es especial porque tiene tanto imformacion, es muy creativo y tambien es muy interactiva. Por ejemplo este estudiante poni la información en los bolsillos de un par de pantalones vaqueros. Este ejemplo le da la interactividad, la creatividad y la información. Unas cosas que puedes aprender despues de ver a este proyecto es que la inventor es levi Strauss, tambien los pantolones son de tela vaqueria. Hay muchos otros proyectos muy buenos, pero ninguna puede superar esste projecto de los Levi Strauss y Co. pantalones.

El Proyecto Extraordinario

Este photo es un photo de los Levi Strauss pantolones de vaquero.