The place where you must hav sewg 2 join

RuL3Z (By Spoderman)

You must hev Sw3g 2 g3t a meembarship.

Nau swaring.

Nau fighting.

Aend Nau disrespecting prop3rty ar oth3rz.

Expectaintions (By Dedpewl)

we expect u 2 do ur work, have r3spect your te4chrz aund respect others and your aund sw3g for the n3xt 3 weeks.

How to have fun (By Spunge bawb)

Now u 2 r all rong b3caus3 u nou need 2 hev Sw3g 2 hev fun you just n3ed to s1ng fram da hart :|

Our where abouts to get sw3g.

if u want to join follow the location.