Ice Pop


How It All Happened.

The Ice Pop was invented by an 11 year old boy named Frank Epperson in the year 1905. He lived in San Francisco, California. One night he had left his mixture of powder flavored soda water with a stir stick in it on his porch. That night is was way colder than usual, so over night Frank's soda water had froze to the stir stick. That next morning Frank woke up and found the frozen soda water, melted it out of the container it was in and ate it off the stirring stick. That's when seventeen years later in the year 1922 Epperson served his invention at a Fireman's ball and then it became a huge hit. So the year 1923 he decided to serve his invention to the public at an amusement park in Alameda, California. That's when he decided to make it become a bigger product. Epperson applied for a patent for a "frozen and confectionery" and received it, then in the year 1924 he named the Ice Pop “Epsicle Ice Pop” and produced it in different fruit flavors on birch wooden sticks. Epperson then set up a royalty arrangement with the Popsicle Corporation. Epperson just decided to sell his patent to the Popsicle after the year 1925, to the Joe Lowe Company of New York. The Joe Lowe Company grew the Popsicle brand as it gained a lot of popularity. Today the Popsicle brand belongs Unilever’s Good Humor division.

Impacted American Life.

The Popsicle impacted the American life at the turn of the century by making life more enjoyable. Summers for kids were never the same after the Popsicle was invented. The Popsicle was a refreshing cheap snack that kids always wanted. It is very useful in the summer. Today all kids want a Popsicle, its a big hit to Americans.

Fun Facts.

- The Popsicle is a American Brand and today there are more than 30 variations of the original.
- Two billion Popsicle are consumed every year.
- Cherry is the number one favorite flavor sold.
- The United States and Canada call is the "Popsicle"
- Ireland calls it the "freeze pop"
- United Kingdom calls it the "ice lolly"
-Australia calls it the "ice lolly" and "freezer pop"